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Greetings! New here, have a question about my female kitty

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As of last night she's been using the litterbox quite a lot. And she'll sit in there for a good few minutes before getting up and moving on. I watched her (from a distance, as to not disturb her) and it seems sometimes she'll go (either #1 or #2) and sometimes she won't. I'm kinda worried as she was still doing it this morning. She seems ok though, as far as attitude and emotions go, she snuggled with me for a bit this morning. I'm confused and I hope nothing is wrong

I read a little online but couldn't find much dealing with this behavior, I hope she doesn't have a kitty kidney stone or whatever

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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It sounds like she might have cystitis or some sort of problem with her waterworks. I'd get her seen by a vet asap.
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If she seems to be struggling to go, which it sounds like that may be happening, you might want to take her to a vet, she may have a UTI or blockage or something. I am not expert on the subject but it isn't good for it to continue for a long time. It is also usually pretty simple and inexpensive to treat. If it starts getting painful for her to go when she does this (with a UTI or blockage, it will if not already, and you most likely won't be able to tell) then she could come to the conclusion that the litterbox is causing the pain and go on your floor instead. That happens with a lot of cats so best to get her looked at.
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Ok thanks for the responses. I'll go ahead and take her into the vet when I get a chance (either today or the next). I hope it won't cost a lot because frankly I don't have a lot. My other kitty (blue-point siamese male) had to have surgery last year and it ran me around $1100

*sigh* these little buggers can be expensive. Good thing I love them
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Ok well, thankfully the veterinary clinic I take my kitties too is open fairly late so I was able to make an appointment at 8pm tonight.
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That's good. I don't know much about how much it would cost as none of my cats have ever had any urinary infections, but I think they're failry easily treated so shouldn't cost an arm and a leg.
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Yay! We came back from the vet this evening around 9pm. They did a check up, took her temp, ran some blood and urine tests, etc (which we should have results for tomorrow) and it seems that she just has a urinary tract infection, which obviously is cured by antibiotics. So $208 later she's feeling better and I'm quite relieved.

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Good to hear that kitty is a-ok! she's gorgeous too
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