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Pigeon problem

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I just moved to my new place last Wednessday and the cats seem to like it they fell back into their same old routeen almost imediately except.... We have Pigeons now, they are constantly on the balcony cooing their little brains out and driving me absolutely insane!
I put up one of those fake owl decoys (i was told they scare away pigeons) It had absolutely NO effect. The Pigeons are actually even keeping the cats awake, and recently Duke has taken to sleeping in the bathroom to get away for the "cooing" noise. Sibohan on the other hand loves the darn things and spend every weakeing hour looking out the window.
Majority rules and the Pigeons have to go! Any ideas anyone???
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There is a device that they sell for keeping cats off of things that may work in this situation, I think it's called SCAT!

It's a can of compressed air with a motion sensor on it.
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My uncle's neighbor up on the north shore in MN scared a BEAR off of his deck / balcony with a bicycle horn. One of those black rubber things that looks like a miniature instrument. It fell backwards over the railing and started rolling down towards Lake Superior. So perhaps the idea will also scare pigeons?

In the pond by the Cleveland Art Institute, they put fake dead ducks in the water (like upside down decoys?) because they had such a crazy duck problem. Solved instantly, as the ducks would fly right over or sit by the edge looking at the "dead" ones and then leave. They think the water is poisoned or bad, and won't touch it. Maybe they sell fake dead pigeons, instead of an owl?

How about putting cat pee on the balcony?
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Originally Posted by Zissou'sMom
How about putting cat pee on the balcony?

I don't think cat pee would work.
Birds have a very poorly developed sense of smell.
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Well to keep the birds out of my cherry trees and raspberry patch I hung up CD's!! The shiny/mirror like side catches the sun and the movement seems to disturb the birds.
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