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Want to get a right start..

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Azriel was a month old yesterday. He weighs 11 ounces and is a joy to have around. I am starting litter box training tomorrow. He doesnt seem to like ot be stimulated anymore. Instead he will claw my bed and then pee all over it Im going to go buy a liter box and some of the non clumping liter as many of you suggested...any name brands of liter you recommend or the type of litter box...as long as it has low side i that all that important? So i know to put him in the liter box after he eats take his little paw and do a digging motion with it in the liter, as that pretty much all? I know patience important and i hae been reading some of the websites that were posted. Also I am starting him on soft food mixed with the kmr...whats the best way to go about this? o the finger and then lead him to the plate? What is the amount of kmr i should add to his food? I was thinking a 50/50 but i dont know if thats mushy enough....Also any brand name food thats good? I want to start him on a good highquality brand and keep him on it. My vet says that sometimes they promote the name brand and its not nutritional. I forgot to ask her what i am suppose to be looking for nutrition wise when picking.Any ideas? Tomorrow or later today rather will be a big day

P.S. Because I don't know, how will i know if he is eating enough from the food and if I'll still have to botle feed? I dont want to make him sick.
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My kitten is about 7-10 days ahead of you. I took the advice of someone (here, I think?) and am using disposable aluminum pans to start with and plain nonclumping clay (cheap) litter. I like the disposable pans because they were small for starting out and I could put one in each of the two places he was most fond of going. Within a day or two he has the wetting part down. I put him in it several times a day but not right after feeding because I've found he's pretty wound up and wants to play righ then so it's usually about ten minutes afterwards.

I think with both the litter box and the feeding you just have to try a few things and see how your kitten responds. I took the suggestion to mix food with kmr and my kitten wouldn't touch it. I put down chicken baby food and he gobbled it right down. Ditto with canned kitten food. I didn't even have to put it on my finger--I just held up the little lid filled with food to his nose and he started licking it and then I set it on the floor and stepped back.

I started out replacing the first meal of the day because my kitty is starving then and he's very inpatient for me to get his milk for him. This way he can take care of it himself without the wait. :-) Every few days I'm replacing one feeding or part of one feeding. Mine still isn't lapping up liquids from a dish so he's still needing liquids.
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Have you tried the KMR 2nd step formula? It is much thicker, like oatmeal consistancy and my kittens love it. I mix it with wet food and they go crazy
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