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Alittle worried

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I dont know which board to post this on. So if it needs moved, please do it or tell me/..

In Jan I took in a stray(Squiggles) and she had one baby(Squeeky) born in March.
They both are staying with me forever now

Well Squeeky was giving me about 3 weeks worth of litterbox problems, and I think I have that solved. But now I am moving, from one apartment to the next. Both landlords know about the cats. So the reason I typed "apartments" was to let you know limited space is available.

My concern is the actual move..My present landlord is pretty cool. and is letting me move over several weeks. Meaning that I dont have to be "out" by a certain day. So, I am getting the new keys next week, "middle of may" and my sons last day of school is june 8th. So I dont want to completely LEAVE the old one until then. The new one is about an hour away.

So everyday I am going to be slowly taking stuff over. But I think Im having the movers come for actual furniture, the 8th of June, being that once he is out of school, we are free to leave this area..

Soooooooooo..What do I do with them??
Squiggles is fine, she knows if theres stuff going on she will pick a good spot and kind of take a nap, and duck low....But the baby is another story...

If I keep them here until I actually leave, then they will be here when the movers are..MY walk-in closet(which will be so highly missed) would be empty I guess that last day, so is it ok to tuck them in there for a few hours?? Till the movers are out of here????

And if I have to follow them to the new place???
Then maybe come back to get them once I know the movers are out of the new place???

Then...Do I let them roam free in the new place and see if they adapt to where the litterbox is , etc?
Or do I keep them confined for a while??
Its actually built almost the same way..except for TINY closet space..and where their litterbox is now, I wont have a room like that to put it in...

Being that I do have a month..All the "stuff" will be over there and put away , pretty much...The furniture is the last thing to go..
So it wont be a hazard, stuff everywhere type of situation. I just dont know if they will freak out on me. I do have one carrier, and I could get another...But when the baby was born , and I had to rush them in, I took a laundry basket with another one top, building a big box, and taped it. That way they would be with each other..And it worked wonderfully..Could I do this again??IT is an hour ride, so Im worried

Im sure that was a long story,..Just want to make sure I know how to do this..Being that I will be there a few times a week for a month, I was gonna take them a few times, and put their necessities over there. And let them adjust...But Im worried that will just stress them out, going for trips like that..
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Get a strong sturdy carrier (larger then you have now) - keep them in that while the furniture people are there and for riding them in the car at the end. Cats should be the last thing "packed" and moved.

They will be far safer sitting in a locked carrier then putting them in the closet. All it takes is somenoe to accidently open the closet door and your kitties will be gone.

In your new apartement, try to arrange some things about the same in location. And confine the cats to one room with the food/water and litter pan for a day or so. Then after things are more/less put away and you are not moving anything in or out of the doors, you can let them out to explore.
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If it were me, here's what I would do.

I would keep them in the closet, in their carriers. If they see all that's going on, that might scare them more, which is why I'd keep them in the closet, but I'd do the carriers to so they wouldn't accidentally get out and underfoot, and accidentally be hurt by a mover.

If you think the mover will be able to get stuff into the new place pretty fast, by all means, take them in their carriers with you, and then bring them in once the movers are done.

If you think it will take more than you feel comfortable leaving them in the car for, can your son (or a friend or relative) stay in the old apartment with the cats, leaving just a ltiter box and water/food. He can let out the cats from the carriers and closet once you and the movers are gone and he'll be there to calm them down. Then when you're all moved in, go back for the cats and your son

That's most likely how I'd handle the situation for myself.
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Thanks for the quick reply's..Im sure I can have someone at the old spot with them. Although probably not my son. Just as much as a cat can get under the movers foot, so can a 6yr old

My plan is probably to schedule them the day he is in school, the last day he has school. That way, when I come back to get him from school, is when , I will get the cats....
Since it is an hour drive, I dont want to do it several times....

Im thinking, to have them here as early as possible. Get it done and over...
Then run the vacuem, etc, in the old place, one last time...Get the vacuem, cats, and go pick my son up at school

Then we'll be outta there

So visits probably will do more bad then good???
As far as taking them over during the days when I go set stuff up, clean, etc...
I know its easier to not even go there, but if it was better for them I would
But I think its more stress, agravation for all of us, ..Plus more times outside, more chances to excape, would be my opinion, just wanted yours...
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