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Hate raw meat

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Hi everyone,
I was wondering that is there any way you can make a kitten hate raw meat!?
I am asking this cause I once had a male pure persian who hated raw meat so much that even if I give it raw mince or meat piece he would turn away with visible discomfort shown! May be hard to believe but it is true. I dont have that one any more .... but I recently got a new kitten 6 - weeks old (male not pure persian but still persian) who I want to learn/develop the same hatred as previous one. I want him to learn this cause we usually have raw meat in kitchen unattended and with previous one we never had to bother at all due to his nature but I think with this fellow we would be very worried if he dosnt learn to hate raw meat.
I think feeding cooked/boiled meat from very early age could help! but I was looking for some experianced opinion on this.

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If you have unattended raw meat out in your kitchen for any length of time, you better be ready for problems with flies, food poisoning, etc., never mind the cat. You really, really shouldn't do that. I don't know any way to keep the cat from being interested though besides closing the door - you're asking for a dedicated carnivore to be uninterested in raw meat - can't be done.
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No offense, but unattended raw meat will cause far worse problems than your cat being interested in it. Just put it in the fridge with a bit of saran wrap covering it. Problem solved, unless kitty grows thumbs.
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I think its the individual cat - my kitten was feed cooked hamburger/chicken from a few weeks old but she still loves raw hamburger and will bug you in the kitchen if its out.

You might just have had an unusual cat that didn't like raw meat - most of the time all cats/dogs will eat raw meat if given the chance
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I guess I dont see why go through the trouble of teaching your cat to hate something he should naturally be interested in? I mean, some cats are fed raw meat as a regular diet because it is healthier and more natural for them. Just put the meat in the fridge or cover it. Why, if I might ask, are you leaving raw meat exposed out on the counter or whereever for extended amounts of time? you are just asking for food poisioning. Believe me, food poisioning is the worst experience ever!

One MORE thing, sorry it is so long...but do you have the mother cat too? 6 weeks is AWFULLY young to be away from the mother cat. He still has a lot to learn from her, this is an important time for him to be with the mother.
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Originally Posted by CommonOddity042
No offense, but unattended raw meat will cause far worse problems than your cat being interested in it. Just put it in the fridge with a bit of saran wrap covering it. Problem solved, unless kitty grows thumbs.

I've got to agree with this. I'd be much more worried about food poisoning than my kitten trying to eat my soon-to-be dinner.
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Thank you all for your replies.
I must say people are more interested in why we use to keep meat unattended...... well we eat muslim meals so most of our meat dishes need to be tendered before cooking so thats the leaving meat unattended part. And yes they are not uncoverd! these meals are always covered with somehthing but for a cat to remove such a thing..... I guess is not a big deal......
I think someone was correct when he said that might be the case that my previous cat was an exceptional case.. coz have you ever heard of a cat that not risist roasted peanuts, roasted cashewnuts or any type of fried food! My cat had all these qualities...
Please keep posting if anyone has experainced this hatred for raw meat or has any comments to make.

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They like the greasy saltiness of the nuts - just like we do! By the way, out of curiosity, regular meat tenderizer that you can buy in the store isn't adequate for your food? Consider this a teaching opportunity :-). A cat may not like some meat, raw or otherwise, just like people don't, but maybe also because it's picked up other scents, or been marinated, or had some spices on it.
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Instead of attempting to teach your cat to hate raw meet, it is important that you take the steps to keep the meet secured and out of reach just as you would with anything else that wouldn't be healthy for your cat to get into such a cleaning product or medication. For instance, Sierra likes to lick the finish off of photographs, but I prefer this not be an item included in her diet! Therefore, I keep all photographs put away where she's unlikely to get to them. I would recommend you take such preventative actions with your meat as opposed to trying to deter the behavior.
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I agree with simply keeping the meat unavailable to the cat. Keep it covered/stored. You can buy heavy glass food covers that would be VERY hard for your cat to move.

Lots of people have suggestions also for keeping cats off of countertops. If this is where you have your meat left unattended then some of those suggestions might be noteworthy. However, as many have said, cats simply are carnivores, and once the cat smells the meat all of your training might go right out the window.
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When I am defrosting meat out of the fridge, I keep it in the microwave - that way my cats can't have a munch on it and I'll have intact food to eat!

Maybe there is some way you could store your meat like this while it's sitting?!
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You can marinate or tenderize any meat in the fridge - just put the bowl in there and your problem is solved
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