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Concerned about lack of hair growth...

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Ok, I had my two girls spayed on April 5. It is going on almost two months now, and the hair on my little tuxedo's tummy has still not grown back. My tortie is fine now, hair grown back and all, but on my poor little black kitty there is a very thin layer of hair on the shaved area and that is it. Her tummy is still basically bare. I was just wondering if anyone has had this experience, or if black cats have naturally slower growing hair. I know, I am nuts, but I just wondered. Thanks all.
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I also have a tuxedo girl, and after her attempted spay (she was a stray, and had already been spayed) her hair seemed to take a long time to grow in too. Is your tuxedo's tummy white or black? Ivo's is white, and maybe white hair grows slower, or is harder to see?
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Trouble's tummy is pink right now , but normally she has black hair all over. The only white on her is right on her chest. I just feel so bad that it hasn't grown back. And when I see her compared to her sister Marbles, I just wonder if I should be concerned.
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I have same problem with my cat Lucy. We had her shaved a few months ago and the hair does not look like it is growing back on her lower back.

I took her the the vet and they said that this time of year(beginning of summer, warmer weather) cats usually are not growing very much new hair. This is normal. If the area appears healthy keep an eye on it, maybe take a picture. In a few months I bet the hair will start to grow back.

Also the vet mentioned a rare condition in dogs where the hair will never grow back once it is shaved. She said she thinks it is possible in cats, however it is pretty unlikely that is what is going on.

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My little black cat Arthur, 6 1/2 months old, was rescued in east london after beeing run over. He had a couple of operations at the rspca so shaved bum, and I adopted him about 6 weeks ago. I expected his hair to have grown back by now. I wonder if it has anything to do with the surrounding temperatures? Perhaps when it's nice and warm the growth just gets lazy... By the way, do cats' bums get cold if they have no hair on it?
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Interesting question - Ling goes in for spaying on Monday and she's black/white (white tummy) so I'll see how long it takes to grow back. I've had white tummy cats spayed but never paid any attention to how long it took to grow back.

I think the white hair is not as noticable growing in, so the pink color of the skin shows more.
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