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When you both have cats

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Hi everyone,

I'm a freelance writer and I'm currently working on an article idea about moving in with a significant other when you both have cats. Would anyone here like to contribute to the piece should it be assigned? If so, please respond here, e-mail me or send a private message. I'm looking forward to hearing the great advice cat lovers have to offer!

Thank you so much for your time.

Best wishes,
Brenda Stokes
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There are a million articles online about this very topic.
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Thank you for pointing me to some very informative articles on the topic. However, the article I'm working on is more focused on people who are moving in together. So, two people moving into a completey new space with two cats that are unfamiliar with one another. I know this is very similar to the articles you posted about introducing a new cat, but in this case, neither cat is "new."

If anyone would like to be quoted, drop me a line.

Thank you so much for your input!

Very best,
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The cats would be new to each other and new to the space so I would think the advice/suggestions in the articles cited would be very helpful to your piece. Simply take that advice and multiply it by two cats - two separate rooms for confinement, a confinement period to adjust to the smaller room, short outings to the larger space and closely monitored introductions, et al.
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I will help. My boyfriend had Milo and I had Zebra. Email me or send me a private message if you want.
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She wants an interview! Not other articles.

I wish I could help you out but I'm not in that situation. Good luck with the article.
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