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Whats for dinner tonite?(5/8)

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Just curious what everyone is having for dinner 2nite For us it is cooking out Steaks!! Yum yum!! Also having salad, potato salad, and a veggie too.
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Bow-tie pasta with a homemade chicken carbonara sauce.

I can feel my thighs thickening.
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Hubby cooked a beef casserole - it was delicious! He's come a long way since the first dish he cooked for me years ago...spaghetti bolognese WITH POTATOES!
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Steak, rice and corn on the cob, it was wonderful
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Hubby is cooking a whole chicken on the smoker right now. We'll have a salad and some fries on the side and perhaps some ice cream for desert.
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It was left over steak and baked potato for me. But I ate hours ago so I just got hungry and had some cheese and celery.
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Sloppy Joe's!!!
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I made chicken cacciatore. Unfortunately I am out of wine
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10 good ol' Ling Ling Potstickers!
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I had sweet and sour chicken and fried rice from the local chippy. It was a bit dry so I didn't eat much. Last night and the night before I had roast chicken and I'm having it again on Thursday.
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My cousin and I stuffed our selves with a big cup of ice cream at the store last night, we felt too guilty to eat dinner
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