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Originally Posted by AbbysMom
I really have to agree here. She may be having the kittens. You want to make sure she is comfortable and in a nice nesting space. Good Luck Grandma!
I have to agree with her too - I hope you find her very soon, maybe with some kittens!
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I just thought of another way to look for her. Close all doors and start in one room with the door shut. Look everywhere. Even places that seem silly.

Exhaust every posibility. Even your box spring on the floor could have a rip in the side that would let her get in. When you know you've cleared that room, go on to the next, but make sure you shut the door behind you. Go from room to room, that way she can't move around on you and go into a room you've just finished going through.

Is there any possibility that one of your kids let her out and hasn't told you? I never wanted to tell my parents if I did something I thought was bad.

I hope you find her!

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Check your box springs, we had a cat when I was a kid that ripped the lining of the box spring and climbed in there and tried to have her litter up in there. I also had a Guinea Pig that did the same thing with a couch liner (old furniture, what can I say). I sure hope you find her, you must be going crazy.
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I hope you find her, try to keep as calm as possible or she will sense it.
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Look what cat dragged in or should I say down....She was hiding in the kids light on the ceiling. The light burned out so she thought it was cool in the dark. I changed the bulb and this is her now.

I told her not to do that again I was worried sick.. But cat had her tongue all she could do was meow Look how noticable her teets are. Are they ok to be that pink.
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Silly Skittles, I'm glad you found her
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There you are you silly girl! Don't you worry your Mama like that ever again!
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Bad thing no babies
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She climbed to my sons top bunk and then over to the light holder. She is now sitting on me purring away... Her way am sure of saying sorry...
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Bless your heart, i'm glad you found her!!!
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11 days to go till birth-day and am not sure my heart will take it if she keeps doing this. The Chick was basically on the celling GEEZZZZZZ.....
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I'm glad you found her.... wow, talk about a unique hiding place!
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Originally Posted by momof3rugratz
Look what cat dragged in or should I say down....She was hiding in the kids light on the ceiling.
Skittles! I'm glad you found her.
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Thank you. She never goes in the kids room so I never figured she would try to have babies in it. When the kids where heading to bed she jumped out scared my son LOL As soon as the kids made noise she got the heck out of there. I doubt she will have them in there. I think she is so uncomfortable she hoped the light was going to help her sleep. She doesn't get much of that these days
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Skittles, that is a first....LOL, what a unique hiding place. I am just glad that your Meowmy found you. You had her very worried, try not to do that again, as she is going to be a natural worrier when your babies arrive.

Give Skittles belly rubs for me!!
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Ohhhh! Soo happy you found Skittles, I just am getting caught up on the forums, with one eye injured & 2 litters of kittens & a cat show coming up not to mention remodeling our kitchen since we had a grease fire....wheww.. I seen this post & got worried. I really don't think she will last 11 days, Is she bagged up yet? Voodoo bagged up 2 days before she had her kittens. She looks like the titanic...lol
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what is bagging up
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WOOHOOO glad you found her! Wow what a place to go hide! YIKES!
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Just got on here for the day and read your thread...We are so glad you found her!!! Can't wait until she has her kittens,please keep us updated!

SKITTLES:No more hiding in the ceiling lights...
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From the pics I do think Skittles is starting to bag up, I really don't think she'll go another 11 days.... unless it is an absolutely HUGE litter.
The term "bagging up" refers to filling up with milk, REALLY filling up. You'll notice the last two nipples swell at the base first, then up to the last four and so on... sometimes only the bottom two or four really get big before delivery.
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bagged up. meaning is her milk there yet.
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Sorry... Bagging up means when the queens teats get full with milk. they will get real firm & full, Sometimes in a 1st time mom there will be a crease in between the 2 rows of teats when the queen bags up with milk. Some queens bag up some do not a few days before labor. All mine have bagged up within days of labor.
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I know I can feel a baby where the last 2 teets are go just a little past. She has no bladder hold LOL. She pees alot. The vet said nothing was wrong but a big litter and birth would cure it Her last day outside was March 22 or 23th so I am going by that. The vet said 16-19. I am not sure she will either. I found out almost month ago she was pregnant the vet felt them. Then the xray 2 weeks ago show 6+ kittens...So I just hope they are healthy...
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forgot to add the last teets are a little swollen feel swish butt are bigger..
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I am soo excited for you & Skittles, It seems she has been pregnant forever. I can't wait to see the wee ones. You have been such a good meowmy to Skittles, I am sure her babies will be very healthy indeed. I hope it is soon for you both, The waiting is the worst! With my litter born on saturday, I had no wait, I went in to tell Voodoo goodnight & to give her a love & she was pushing...I had to run up & grab birthing kit just in case & I didn't have to do a thing except watch in awe & she was a 1st time mommy. I guess she's just my no fuss, get it over with girl....lol
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I know how relieved you are to have found her, she is beautiful by the way! When Baby had her litter she was so full of milk it was a joke. She only had 4 kittens but her little breasts were just as full as they could be. When Baby was in labor she would not leave my side, I don't know how Skittles will be but Baby just clung to me for the last week. In fact she finally went into the closet in the nest that I had made for her when she started to push. Her first one was breech though so she came right back out and was yelling up a noise. She fell at my feet and all I saw was a little black kitten fanny with a black tail and gold tip coming out of her. I sat on the floor with her and quickly felt her tummy, pushed the kitten out, she bit me so hard! Baby did the natural thing with the afterbirth and I managed to get the kitten breathing, she meowed at me, took the kitten to the closet and it took her nearly 1 hour to have the next one. She didn't have any more that night, the next afternoon she had the other two. It is so exciting to have kittens especially your first litter. You will have so much fun, until it is time to say good bye, don't be like me and end up keeping two of the babies . I had to keep the one I delivered of course.
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I am sure she will be a great mom. I think she is bonding with me alot and is going to let me be there and assist if need be. She is a little shadow or as my mom says my hemorrhoid
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Tsk, tsk, tsk, Skittles. I know you're the light of Mommy's life, but that's taking it a little too far.


See, they can go anywhere. Usually you'll find them in the one place you were 100% sure they wouldn't be.

I might suggest going through your home and looking for openings like this she might get into that you wouldn't want her to nest in, and block them up somehow. Might be safer.

What is being described about her nipples sounds very much like what Deja Vu was like very close to her time. The day before she gave birth she was nesting like crazy, in and out of every closet, nook and cranny, very restless. When she was ready to give birth, though, she also would not leave my side. She was on the sofa with me when I saw her first discharge, I got up to get some things I had ready, and she followed me. I tried to put her in the box, she wouldn't stay, and followed me. I finally had to just put a towel on the sofa, sit on the floor next to her and wait. The first two came right on the heels of each other about 5 minutes later (I think they were twins), and within 30 minutes she had all 5.

First 3 were a breeze. I had to help a little with the last 2. I think they came so fast it exhausted her. She got them half out, and flopped back. Each time she tried to lift her head up to lean over, she flopped back down. So I just helped by gently pulling the baby the rest of the way out, and put it to her head. She took over, and the 5th was the same.

When I knew she was done, I put them all in the box, and there they stayed for the next 3 weeks.
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Oh my! I was just about holding my breath! SKITTLES! DON'T YOU DO THAT AGAIN! Whew. I'm so glad you found her. And I never would have thought to look in the light fixture!? What ever made you think she might be up there? LOL! Crazy girl. I'm glad I only had my cat for 3 weeks before she had kittens. I think I would have gone crazy!
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Actually as the kids headed to bed she jumped out of the light. She does not like there room to noisy. She went in to the livingroom with me. The wind last night was really really bad so I think that is why she did it. She looked for a spot to hide I guess. Usually weather does not bother her. When I went to bed she went also and laid with me. I know she is up at the least 8x a night...
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