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Cat on trial

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Not sure if this has been posted already. Just want to know of any updates. Thank you.

Crazy cat case heads to trial
Associated Press

BRIDGEPORT, CONN. -- The case of a cat accused of viciously attacking several neighbors is going to trial. Ruth Cisero, owner of Lewis the cat, Tuesday withdrew her bid for special probation because she would have had to allow Lewis to be euthanized.
Cisero withdrew her application for accelerated rehabilitation and instead pleaded not guilty to second-degree reckless endangerment and elected a trial by jury.
Residents of the neighborhood of Sunset Circle claimed they had been terrorized by Lewis.
The neighbors said Lewis' long claws, along with catlike stealth, have allowed the cat to attack at least a half dozen people and ambush the Avon lady as she was getting out of her car.
More than 500 "Save Lewis" T-shirts have been sold to raise funds for a defense fund for Cisero and a Westport lawyer has volunteered to be the cat's lawyer.
The special probation offer with conditions was made at the insistence of neighbor Maureen Bachtig, who was reportedly attacked by Lewis Feb. 20.
In a letter to prosecutors, Bachtig said she would only agree to probation for Cisero if the cat were put to death.
Information from: Connecticut Post, http://www.connpost.com
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hehe, I posted that a couple days ago. They live pretty close to me, it's a big deal around here!
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Awww, so sad. Is it wrong to be on the cat's side, lol? I understand being upset that you were attacked, but demanding the cat's death rather than an alternate course is just vengeful IMHO. I hope they find healthy alternative for all involved.
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Keep Lewis the cat inside!
Whew, that was easy.
There's no reason for him to be put to death when she could just keep him inside where he never would have attacked anybody and this never would have happend. I think the lady who was attacked is being ridiculous by saying the cat should die or the owner should go to jail.
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She really has to keep him inside, or get an enclosure for outdoors. Lewis apparently has his own Website now, set up by some college students to raise money: http://www.connpost.com/petnews/ci_3771543
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I can't even imagine why this woman didn't just keep her cat inside. Annabelle was always trying to run out of the house when we first took her in. We stopped her! It isn't that difficult. I certainly wouldn't like getting bit by a cat everytime I wanted to go for a walk.
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The neighbour must be really fed up with the cat, and I can see why she doesn't want to have to deal with it. But, yes, the cat could be kept indoors, it doesn't have to die. It seems awfully barbaric to me to insist on the cat's death.

It did raise a smile when I read the bit about the cat ambushing the Avon lady! Must have been her perfume!
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I would advice locking up the neighbors as something this petty should have a stupidity and idiot code/ penal code attached.. Oh and yes kitty should be kept indoors but how do you tell a non domesticated animal to mind ...lmaooo
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