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Urination problem

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Hi, I have a spayed cat named Ginger that is 6 years old that recently started having urination problems. I did not realize there was a problem until my fiancee caught her peeing on one of our couches (I guess thankfully it was leather so wipes of easily).

I would think we can rule out behavior because nothing has changed within the environment. The only major change was about 3-4 months ago when we had to give her cat back to her uncle because the cats could not co-exist. After that Ginger was happy as a clam. Plus I would think if it was behavior, she would not actually have problems going. Since I clean out her little box I am used to what is "normal" for her. She has not been peeing normally for about 2 weeks.

The vet prescribed Clavamox which seemed to help a little at first then it regressed. She is now on Ciprofloxacin and it appears to have the same result. It appeared to work initially and now she is regressing again. For two days she was out and about in the house (she has been kept in the back bedroom to minimize peeing where she shouldn't) and seemed fine until this morning I found pee on the couch again.

The vet said she had no infection, nor did her urine appear more alkaline than it should be which could indicate stones. He said the new prescription also has an anti-inflammatory in the event her bladder was inflamed.

Has anyone else seen these sysptoms in their cat or perhaps have an idea on what may be Ginger's real issue?

Thanks for your help!

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I'd check with the vet again. Certainly, some kiities will continue to pee inappropriately even after the infection is gone, but she needs to be doublechecked. If she is cleared by the vet, put her back in the bedroom for a few more days until she learns that it won't hurt to pee in the litterbox!
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I agree, I'd talk with the vet again to make sure she is still clear of the infection. I would also discuss her diet, which can affect her urinary tract. There are many specialized cat foods for urinary health, your vet will know what best for Ginger. I hope you find a solution soon, good luck
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