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Moving up Spay for Snickers

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Well I called all around and found a place that will fix Snickers sooner. I had been going to the Fulton Road Low cost clinic but I cant get her in until the 26th. So she is in heat again after only being out of heat for 1 week and she is spraying like CRAZY!!! SHe is now locked in my bathroom with her bed/litter and food and water with some toys. Im desperate so I called around and found a clinic that will take her on the 18th. This place is called A Snip In Time and they take her Thursday night and I dont pick her up until Saturday AM. Plus the $45 fee includeds shots/rabies and they give her a once over.
The other clinic it was $45 just for the spay. And you drop her off that AM at 7:30 and you pick her up that same day at 3pm. And although Snickers had her first vaccine with this in the nose stuff she needed the rest with the rabies, so Im happy about that. The only downside is the neighborhood where this clinic is I guess. Ive never been there but my husband said I cant go by myself with the kids so hes going with me.lol

I am just so sick of her spraying. I sat and watched her spray twice today and found another spot PLUS I discovered a gross smell on the bottom of my dustruffle on my bed and it was from her......... So after deep cleaning today I just have had it so she will just have to remain in the bathroom until she goes out of heat. Then thankfully Next Thursday will be the day to take her in.
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well that is the only solution really is to spay. Plus it should always be done anyway. Glad you found a clinic to take her earlier...just make sure they will do the job correctly. Hope she heals nicely!
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