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The Hound Dogs

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I don't think I have posted any pics of our dogs(other than Coco in her diaper). I have 2 dogs(well, technically, our family has 2 dogs). I lost my puppy to a car accident when my neighbor was driving too fast too drunk. So, I went to the Humane Society & adopted the biggest pain in the behind ever! Macey is a 90 lb. Lab/German Shorthaired Pointer/Coonhound mix. She looks like a GSP, brays like a Coonhound, & has the size of a large Lab. She's got the best of all 3 breeds! Macey will be 3 on May 22nd. Most of my pics of Macey are bad as she is camera shy. She wasn't when I adopted her, the only thing I can come up with is she is afraid of guns & thunder. I was taking her picture during a thunderstorm & there was a big clap of thunder. Maybe she assocaites the two?
Macey is such a good dog, she never does anything wrong!

(BTW-that is $1000 worth of damage)
This is what we call the "Macey smart face". She has this stupid look to her face. It's soooo cute! This is the face that made me bring her home!

Then, dad had to have a purebred Lab, because those "pound dogs don't hunt worth a hoot". Coco doesn't hunt either, dad! Coco doesn't conform to show standards(not that we'd show her). She barely weighs 50 lbs. She has this cute little "frill" on the top of her head. When we brought her home at 2 months of age, she weighed 4 lbs(I call her daddy's little Chihuahua). She got spayed at 6 months of age & weighed 35 lbs. Coco will be 2 on July 14th. I think she broke 50 lbs. for the first time in her life in March.
Here's Coco in the bushes. This was the picture I sent out on Christmas cards.

Here's Coco when she was younger(I believe this picture was taken right after she got spayed).

Who can resist this face???

Here's both my girls together. Coco on the left, Macey on the right.
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Oh! I found another awesome picture of my two babies together!

I had better not forget. I am dog sitting for my cousin, who adopted a Rat Terrier(a nightmare of a dog compared to mine) from the HS. Lucy is about 7-8 months old....she chews everything, barks all the time, & runs too much.

Here's Lucy compared to Macey.

Now, I really think that is all....
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Their all sweet hearts!! I personally think Macey looks like a chocolate lab!(pure) My brother has a pure choc lab and holy cow is he HUGE~~I need to post some pics of him sometime. Oh yeah and your cousins dog reminds me of a dog I used to have(Peanut), until the neighbors dog KILLED him!(just this past xmas) And he used to bark and bark! LOL...but he was my baby....anyhoo, sorry to get off topic,hehe. But you do have some wonderful looking pooches!!
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Great pooches!!!
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I love your dogs!!! They are seriously so beautiful
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Awww, I love labs!

We (my family - parents) have a purebred chocolate lab - Sam - he's so big and just under a year old. I've posted pictures in the Pet Pics...somewhere

Your puppies look just like Sam!
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Lovely looking dogs, you obviously love them to bits.
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Originally Posted by VampireCat
Lovely looking dogs, you obviously love them to bits.

The big argument with my family & with the volunteers at the humane society is whether or not I love my dogs more or my cats more. I think I have room in my heart for all of them. Although, Twitch is my favoritest. I love her more than all of the others.
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