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Odd Cat Behavior

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Recently got a cat. 2 year old neutered male. I have reason to believe that he has been abused.

He will only come out durring the night and only for a few minutes. Took three days for him to eat anything. He is frightened by every sound he hear. He wants to be cuddled and pushes for attention. But seems to have pain in his back, chest and one foot.

I am concerned that he is not using the bathroom and being aggressive towards my other cat who we rescued several months ago. I am also concerned about the touchiness when it comes to his back and chest.

Previous owners claim that kitty is in good health. We do not have the funds at this time to take him to a vet. We took this kitty in for our other cat to have a playmate.
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If the cat is showing signs of pain. Then the cat really needs to be seen by a vet!
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Yes, the vet is a good idea. It's all about making sure the kitty is healthy.
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Talk to the vet about payment - I'm sure something can be worked out and if he's obviously (to you) got a problem, you can bet it's worse than it looks because cats will hide it very well.
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I agree, take the cat to the vet. They have payment plans and such. No reason to let any living animal live in pain.
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