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Raven had bladders stones removed today

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I've know about this since Wednesday of last week - didn't post here, because to think and talk about it made it "real" and I didn't want to fall to peices.

Last week my husband (good daddy that he is) noticed that Raven went to the potty, but only had a bit of urine come out. He called the vet and made an appointment for that day. After urinalisys, ultrasound and x-rays - the vet determined that her urinary tract was NOT blocked, but she did have "stones" in her bladder that were causing irritation. Raven was put on anti-biotics and pain medication until her surgery that was scheduled for today.

The vet caled and said they got the stones out, and that there was also "sludge" - she said that this was a good sludge, since most often that this indicates that the crystals are not the "bad" kind, but the kind treatable with diet. We will get the test results back in about 3 weeks from the MIchicgan/Wisconsin (can't remember) vet school with a detailed report of what they are, and what Raven can and cannot eat long term.

She is still at the vets, and will remain there overnight for observation and determination on how much blood she has in her urine. They have indicated that she will probably have blood in her urine for a few days. Tomorrow aftern 10 we will pick her up with instructions, pain medications for the surgery and her ongoing hip dysplasia (she has been moving around much easier since Wednesday - the only good news!)

They also found "bruisng" on the back side of her bladder (the side near the spine) which was confusing to them, washing it with saline seemed to "lessen" it (makes sense I guess - cooler liquid) the vet didn't seem to concerned about it, but decided that while she was in there she would take a tissue sample for a biopsy - that should be back next week.

Please, any words of wisdom or tips from others with cats who have had this surgery is much appreciated.
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I am sending prayers and vibes for a good recovery
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Wow, that sounds pretty scary. I never had a cat with those problems, but I have heard that it is pretty treatable. The fact that they are sending out biopsies, and picked up the bruising in her bladder, shows that your vet is very thorough.

I'm guessing the biopsy is being sent to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor...they are phenomenal!
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I went through this surgery with Tyler a couple of years ago. In his case, the stones removed were calcium oxalate. He still had frequency and peed in small amounts right after surgery, but before a week was out was def. much more comfortable and not peeing as often. He really did fine post surgery until he did something unusual, which I honestly had my vets say they'd never seen happen before. So..it won't happen to Raven

Tyler began to have frequency, to pee in teensy amounts - going backwards in how he was doing that first week post-surgery and on his two week check was found to be totally blocked. He had developed a free floating hematoma that then settled just right so no urine could drain (shaking head at memory).

It reabsorbed eventually but he had to be hospitalized for a few days.
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Raven is following us around as normal, appears to be going to the bathroom normally. Just a little groggy right after I give her the pain meds that was sent home with her - she will be on those for another 2-3 days.

Right now she is sleeping beside me on the bed

Pat, did they end up changing Tyler's diet?
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Yes, we did...he's on an all wet food diet and if he weren't so incredibly picky re food, I might do better at also choosing lower phos content foods (he's early crf now and on calcitriol, and has high bp - on norvasc, and early diabetes). My sweet panther who never had a health issue just had a horrid year 2 years ago everything seemed to go fluey! Oh yeah, he's hyperthyroid too!
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Raven went back to the vet this morning - last night she started throwing up, late night and early morning it was just clear liquid with bubbles. It appears she had an adverse reaction the the new joint pain relief (Metacam) that I first gave her just yesterday morning. I had not idea that this medicine the vet gave me is not recommened for cats in general since they don't seem to tolerate it well. The vet never told me - and to shame on me, I never thought to question it! It could cause nausea, upset, severy stomach ulcers, and liver damage.

Today she has a new medicine to help soothe her tummy and get her back on track. I feel horrible about just the one treatment - I can't imagine how I would have felt if she didn't have such a severe reaction immediately and I was giving it to her for months and she had liver failure!

Bottom line: I will ALWAYS double check the medicines I get, for humans, cats or birds.

Please wish Raven a speedy and safe recovery of this nasty medicine.
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You got it...we used bupronex with Tyler (and with Patrick in his last days when dealing with pancreatitis).
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Wishing Raven a safe and speedy recovery.
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