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Winning him back

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Okay, my four cats are all indoor kitties. But with the weather being so nice, and with how much they all like sitting by the open window or screen door, I had this bright idea that I'd take one of them out, on a lead, while carrying them around. So, three of four didn't much care for this. Too scary. But the fourth has decided he really, really likes it outside. He has now managed to sneak outside 4 times in the last week and a half. Every time he does this, he gets a little braver, and wanders a little further. The last time was about an hour ago. We spent half an hour, with him exploring, and me trying to stay between him and the woods, while trying to get close enough to catch him.

His personality changed when he gets outside. Inside, he is loving, trusting; just wonderful. When he gets outside, while he is very interested in exploring, I am suddenly the enemy. He finally settled under the porch this time, and I was able to get close enough to pet him, if I stretched. I think now I should have taken a little more time with things, but then I was so desperate to get him back; I grabbed him, and he did not like that. He's safely inside now, but he won't let me near him. If I even look at him, he gets ready to flee.

So, that in and of itself is distressing; he's my little lovebug, and he wants nothing to do with me. But he's supposed to go to the vet and get microchipped on Wednesday, and I need to clip his nails before that. If he won't let me near him, we're in for a rough time. How can I convince him I'm still his friend? I think I frightened him badly when I grabbed him outside. I got out his favorite treats, and he wouldn't even take those from me. Any advise?
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I dont know much about that, because our cats have never even stepped foot on the precious outside area. They sure do want it badly though.

BUT...I would say just give it time. And maybe not let them outside anymore? Or build some kind of enclosure outside so they are still enclosed, but outside. It's probably just thier instinct outside to be scattery.
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He'll get over you're catching him, they always do. Wait til you're at the vet's to get his claws clipped (they'll do it in 10 secs). Get him neutered if he isn't already and half your problem (or more) will be solved. And be ruthless about not letting him out again! Sure he'll whimper and make you feel so sorry for him, but how will you feel if a car hits him, or some kid pulls his tail (I'm trying not to scare you), or a larger animal catches him? Good luck.
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My male kitty, that we lost just a few weeks ago after a long illness, was this way also. He was neutered and a very gentle guy, but when we let him wander the backyard, he would get very aggressive when we tried to bring him in or get near him. I know he would have loved a more outdoor life, but we couldn't continue letting him out. Unfortunately, I think for some kitties the outdoors is like a drug -- they just want more and more. In my opinion, if you don't want to "lose" him to the great outdoors, you might need to bite the bullet and keep him strictly inside. With time, he will forget. For me, this was a painful but necessary decision.

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Thanks everyone for the advise. He treated me like the enemy for a day, but now he's come around again, so all is well in our world. Except he is still trying to sneak out everytime I open the door.

I can't seperate him from the outside completely. The windows and the patio door stay open when I'm home. They all have screens, so the cats can't get out, but the sit by them whenever they are open. I don't think he'll forget about wanting to be out there.

I'm thinking about building a cat enclousure off of the patio door, just so I won't have to worry so much whenever I open that door, but so far I haven't found anything I trust, or anything I can afford. I will keep looking though.
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