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Why does he pee on the carpet?

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My Chartreux has decided to start peeing on the carpet by the sliding glass door. He doesn't do it everyday ut we haven't found a method to his madness. He started this before he was fixed and has continued after his surgery. He only pees on that bit of carpet in front of that door. I have put Nature's Miracle on the carpet by the gallon and have had the carpet treated and cleaned professionally. I have even kept the blinds closed on that door but that doesn't seem to help. What should I do next?
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Gretchen, you should get him checked out for a urinary tract infection. My sister's cat was terrible about using his litter and she found out he had chronic UTI's - she had to put him on special prescription cat food! Your kitty may be trying to tell you something.
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Then once he is cleared of health problems, you can try scrubbing out his litterbox on a daily basis, perhaps moving it to another location, adding a second box, a bigger box until he stops peeing in appropriate spots. Once he smells his urine in the carpet, he will continue to pee there, so try spraying the spot with a citrus air freshener to discourage this.
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Please see this old post for lots of ideas for stopping inappropriate urination.

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We took Sebas to the vet for this problem, and the vet said he was fine. He still pees on the carpet. We may have to consider taking him back to the breeder if we cannot get this problem solved.

He had other health problems, but nothing that should be making him want to pee everywhere.
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and you have cleared him of UTI's or other medical problems, then you have to remember that peeing outside is his way of marking his territory. Can he possibly see other outside cats from this location he has chosen? Even if they are outside, he will consider them a threat and spray his marking to warn them to stay away. Perhaps you can block his view of this world temp. until he stops doing it. Also, once he has marked a spot he will return to it time and time again because he is following the scent he left, and when it starts to recede, he will want to "reinforce" it again. Use a good strong cleaner like Simple Solution, or call your vet so that he can recommend a good cleaner that clears up ALL the odor. Cat pee is very strong, and the carpet is probably saturated with it at this point. You can also try throwing a good thick throw rug over the spot, spray the throw rug with a good citrus scented room deodarizer as well.

He is a cat, and they have specific rules of behaviour handed down through the generations of his wild ancestors. You can not always make them conform to what you want them to do, you have to think like them and try to figure out what is causing this. As I do rescue work, I see all the time the after-effects of cats whose people have given up on them because of behaviour issues. Try all the suggestions that have been offered, do an internet search for more answers if you need to, and then, I guess, if it doesn't work to your satisfaction then take him back. But it could be just one minor change in his enviornment that is setting him off, you just have to try and find out what that is.
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It takes work, but if you want to stop the behavior you can. Please scroll up and check out the link I gave to the old thread. There is a long list of things to do that will make the cat stop the inappropriate peeing.

This is not a behavior that will stop on its own...it takes work on your part to figure out what needs to change, but (again) if you want to help your cat you can. It is easier to give up and dump the cat, but of course that is the morally wrong thing to do!
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I dont want to dump him at all, but its a rented place were in. I'm going to try all the suggestions in that link, and look around. He cant see any other cat, this spot is in the stair well to the basement, no windows. I'm going to try the citrus thing, and a good heavey cleaning of the spot. He only seems to "mark" that spot every 4-5 days.
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Might i suggest investing in a black light. This will illuminate all the places the pee has settled and helps you to locate it to clean. Every four or five days he will pee there because the smell is fading and he wants it there for some reason. I hope you do not give up on him and you can figure out why he is doing this. It takes some doing, but it can be done.
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Another suggestion: buy Pet Zyme. They sell it at PetsMart. Buy the one that says for cat urine/odors. I bought this stuff because Tigger has peed on 2 of our leather couches. It took away the smell, finally! It gets down into the fibers. It's about $6.99 for the big spray bottle, and about $9 for the gallon jug......
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I took him to the vet and he sold me a bottle of Feliway, which is a pheremone spray that has to be applied once EVERY day until he stops. I have been using it for about a week and so far it seems to be working.
You can get Feliway at any Vets office, it is about $20 but seems to be very effective especially if they are only peeing in one area.
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Gretchen - I am happy that things are improving. You are a good kitty mom for not giving up on your boy! Keep us posted!
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I have a female whom I saw peeing on my carpet. I had this same problem with both females using the throw rugs in my previous home. i finally gave up on throw rugs.
I will take to vet again, but I am truly discouraged.
Do females get along together? She was very tough on #2 when she joined us. Now #2 will be pushy to #1. I am thinking of giving up one or both of them.
I read the link to previous discusson which I read before. I have used gallons of NOKOUT, Nature's Miracle and Simple Solution. I ahve 3 boxes, 2 kinds of litter. I scoop box as soon as I see need, srub each change and spray NOKOUT on litter with each scoop and change. Boxes are in three locations in house.
Today I even looked at the Cornish Rex rescue site.
Tomorrow will be vital to my decision.
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Are your cats Cornish Rex?
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When all else fails, there are medications that you can give to your cat that should stop the inappropriate urination. For example, immipramine is often used (it is even used with human children who are bedwetters). If your cats are healthy and you have tried all of the suggestions in this and other posts, ask your vet about the medication.

Good luck!
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Thanks for responding. Yes, my cats are Cornish Rex.
We just returned from the vet. Tumbalina is physically fine. He agrees that it is a territory thing. She was my first cat(one year old) and the breeder felt she would do well in a single cat home. A year later the breeder begged me to take Annie, because of a financial setback. i gave up on throw rugs in my previous home. Now this home is carpeted . Annie has shown more bossiness/aggression towards T lately.
The vet suggested Vakium for T. LAser pen play for Annie or the drug, Paxil.
I may do the valioum before i find another home for Annie.
Donna , Tumbalina, Annie Oakley
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Vet says no uti. He suggested a territory problem between the girls and medication for them. I tried Buspar before. Now I will try Valium. I think it will end up I find a home for the non-urinationg cat. May be Tumbalina will stop when she is once again the only cat.
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Tumbalina is on Valium for a month. She checked out fine at vet. I have not seen any urinating or pawing on rug. She also became more assertive and is sharing space better.
I wonder if I should consider Rescue Remedy after the Valium or wait to see if she stays ok.
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It is likely that once she has been on the meds long enough, she will have "forgotten" that peeing on the rug was a good way to vent her frustration. Therefore, as long as the old pee has been completely cleaned, she shouldn't have a problem.

Did you end up keeping the other cat?
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