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Zissou and the blankets

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Okay, so lately I've been sad because Zissou wasn't sleeping on my bed. She wasn't mad at me, she'd been sleeping in my room either at my desk or in the closet, but not on my bed like she used to. So, I changed my comforter and guess who slept on the bed ALL NIGHT? You guessed it, Zissou.
Apparently she just didn't like the texture of the old comforter. It's I think a nylon/cotton blend that attracted her hair. The new one is cotton eyelet, and I guess she likes it better.

How weird is that!! How did I not notice??? With the old comforter, she'd get up on the bed and lay down, get restless and jump off. Now she's sleeping on the bed even when I'm not. I felt bad when I realized this, I hope she didn't think I was exiling her from the bed with my evil blanket!!

Anybody else's cat have strange hatreds or love affairs with a particular fabric or surface of the house??
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Yep, I changed the comforter to my bed, and now the kitties wont sleep on it. It used to be just regular comforter, but I changed to a super skilky one (summer blanket), and now they wont sleep on it. They sleep on our heads now, not anywhere near the blanket. Silly kitties. They just always have to have things thier way.
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I have a down feather comforter and pillow (which I can't use on the bed anymore) that my cat just went nuts over. She peed on the comforter and thats when I decided its got to go. But for the longest time she would just lay on it and love on it. Then she started getting aggressive with it. she would scratch on it and bite at it. really wierd stuff. So I just figured it was the feathers, i really don't know. But since its been put away, she hasn't acted like that around any other fabrics!
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Our boy, Hobbes, made friends with a blanket we call Horsey pretty much from day one. It's an acrylic blend, and VERY warm. If he sees me sitting on the couch with Horsey on my lap, he comes up, plops down, and KNOCKS OUT. Lol...really, I don't even have to be there...but he LOVES his Horsey Blanket. I've never seen a cat take to a blanket quite like it. I leave it sitting on the couch when I leave the house, and usually come home to him laying on it.
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We crack up because Luna doesn't like to be picked up by B. She'll whine and cry a bit until he puts her down (she doesn't mind being picked up by me though).

However, for some strange reason she will sleep in his clean clothes. She's rarely ever in mine. He finally set up a little basket for her with some of his old clothes.
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Our Moey would never step on the fuzzy blanket on our bed. He would walk around it, or if it was spread out, not even jump up on the bed.
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Zissou'smom, I swear we have the same cat. I just switched to a lighter comforter for the summer, and Georgia stopped sleeping on it. She prefers the foot of the bed, so I put another one of her favorite blankets there, and now all is well.
I'm curious as to whether there's anything behind all their similarities. Georgia's a shelter cat mutt, but we've been told that she's part Aby/Siamese. Does Zissou have any Aby/Siamese/Oriental in her?
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Zissou is a formerly feral kitten who is silver mackerel tabby. I'm not very sure about anything in her lineage, she could be anything!
Here are some pics:

Its so crazy how tactile cats are!!! I love reading this thread. She loves fleece too, I've discovered.
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Truly bizarre! I would send you a picture if I knew how... Georgia is also a formerly feral silver mackerel tabby. They could be twins.
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Liberty absolutely loves black blankets. She must know she is hard to she on them . Liberty loves to spook people. She is a very black cat with very green eyes and that's not very hard for her to do! Silly cat. -kd
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That is so cute! I haven't REALLY noticed Sherbert being interested in my blanket(s)! lol! I know that he would probably pick up the blanket in his mouth and move it into a basket that he loves to go in! lol!
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