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My Lazy Sunday.

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This is what we did on Sunday LOL...

We watched my turtle Basil roam the yard for Dandilions..

Basil likes when I hadn feed him

My Sister and me watching Basil and Neveah.
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That's a cool turtle, is it a tortoise?
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he is a 14 yr old box turtle.. WE have 3 other 2 are sliders. They are bigger then him..
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He's a big box turtle! Probably standard size but he's a big guy! He's very cute!
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Yes he is my baby LOL. I think it is because he is not in a crate he has his own room inside and out. He does roam free in acre grass.
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Nice turtle
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I know thank you
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Thats so kewl! He does look big for a box turtle. And ya say he has his own room? Is he a bit spoiled??
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yep.. The sliders do also. See in Utah a lot of the houses are 2 story homes. The up and down are complete houses.. My mom dad sister friend live upstairs. Sister her fiance there baby are downstairs. Each Level is 3 and 4 rooms. My dad is finishing the other room downstairs in which the turtles Donatelo and Michalangelo live.. My family are big animal lovers.. Here is the crew.

Texaco 24 yr old Horse
Jessie 11 yr old Goat
Thanksgiving Turkey I will let ya guess the name thing He is 15
Basil box turtle
Mic & Don the sliders
Bog & George male dogs siblings 1 yr old.
Miracale & Baby Girl 8 yr old cat siblings
Noley is a 3 yr old rare nole saved from a tire
5 fish tanks all over 25 gallons stacked with all sorts of fish
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ok I got the video of Basil. Anyone care to look. Sorry I have a cold and I am really nasal. Also I was up over 30 hours
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oops forgot the link LOL

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If you ever need a sitter just holler
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Thanks Sharky. They live down the street from me and I am thinking of getting another animal also. Just no clue what. I figured I would keep eye on the shelter like I have been.
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