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Deworming side effects?

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I was doing some reading and trying to solve this, but no luck. Does anyone know what (if any) the side effects of deworming are. I gave my semi-feral momma strongid last wednesday. She passed in the first two days about a dozen round worms. Since then she has had very loose and much more frequent (and large) stools. Could this be an effect of the de-worming or is there something else i should be looking at?

thanks in advance!
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Every drug can have side effects. It's best to consult your vet, as he knows the cat best. I would just talk to him/her over the phone and see what he/she says.
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It's not uncommon for cats treated with strongid to either start throwing up worms or passing them. Your cat will likely need several repeat dosages, about a week apart. Consult your vet.
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We gave Bijou and Mika a de-worming a couple weeks ago - Drontil (?) and didn't see anything in their stool and they didn't throw up so I'm assuming they didn't have any worms. They didn't seem any different.
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My other foster was given Drontal too and he had no ill effects. Momma got strongid because she can't be handled so i had to sneak the liquid into her wet food. Her poops are still staying the same...i'm just wondering if passing the worms aggravated her tummy. I'm giving her the next dose of strongid thursday or friday depending on how she's feeling.
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