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Concerned Mommy...

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Our new kitty, Nyla, adopted just over a month ago, managed to tear through a small hole in the screen door last night, and escape to underneath the deck. It took me about 30 minutes -- in the rain -- to get her back inside. (Hubby wasn't home at the time.) She didn't fight me once I got her in my arms, and she acted like it was no big thing when I got her inside. Needless to say, though, I was TERRIFIED at the possibility that she could have gotten away, and I could have lost her forever. I love my babies DEARLY!!!

I'm not sure what prompted her to want to go to such lengths to get out, except that there are a couple of strays that like to hang out around the deck (possibly living under it), and will 'torment' the babies by just sitting at the screen, or wandering around in front of them. All Nyla did, though, while she was under the deck was walk slowly around the perimeter and sniff. She didn't run, though she backed away every time I tried to catch her, at least for a while, she just walked and sniffed.

She's 18 months old, and I have no idea what her life was like before we adopted her. She was a pudgy, sweet, beautiful, well-groomed kitty when she arrived, and that's pretty much how she's remained since she came to live with us. She's never tried to get out before, at least not obviously. She LOVES sitting in our bay window, and if the bedroom or dining room windows are open, she will knock you over to get to the windowsils.

My old guy, Dex, has no desire to be outside unless the hubby and I are out there, and then only on the deck. I've never been afraid of him running away. And he seems satisfied with windows most of the time. I don't believe in having outdoor cats anymore. Been there, done that, and I don't want the grief anymore. I want to try to keep my babies as safe and well cared for as I possibly can, but now I'm scared.

We always try to watch the doors when they're open, to make sure the 'kids' don't run, but now I'm afraid Nyla may try to get through the window screens. Obviously we have to replace the door screen, but should I be concerned that she'll try to get out again, maybe run away, or is it possible she was just 'exploring' her world because of the strays?

She's spayed, so I'm not worried about that, but she's young and spunky, and I'd just like some advice from anyone who may have faced similar behavior. Anything would be appreciated.


- Dawn
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She's a cat, which means curious, and any chance she gets, she'll probably try to explore, which means you'll have to cat-proof everything (and everyone). One of ours totalled the screen door to our deck looking at birds, so we put a 3' tall thin piece of wood inside the bottom half of the door, and now he sits on the table nearby looking out the top half, but hasn't yet made a rush at it... I think he lost a lot of interest when it didn't beckon him every time he walked by.
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the post above is right...cats will be curious cats. She just probably started to scratch and when the screen gave in she went for it. Always be on your guard that your babies will run away if they get the chance. That way you will always be on your toes when it comes to kitten proofing and opening/closing doors to the outside. Good luck with your kitten!! THey are so much fun
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