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another question

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I have another question.

Thanks to reading this site I found that GREAT kitty pregnancy calendar. I put in the date my cat first got out as the first mating date since I am sure with the males in my neighborhood that she did NOT make it a full day outside in heat with out someone mating with her.

Now my question is with my checking her nipples do they always turn pink or do you notice a difference all the time if they are preggo? She has teeny teeny tiny nipples and right now they are white (but for that date says they won't change till the 9-16th, but wondering if you ALWAYS noticed a change.

I don't see how she could be out for 6 days and expecially in heat and NOT be preggo but ya never know. Just looking for the first signs so I can plan everything. Also if she is I want to pick up some more hours of work for the next 2 mo. or so JIC the extra cash is needed for any problems that may arrise.

They also say she won't show any roundness until the end of the mo (around the 28th I think) but she looks a little bigger in the belly already, but could be that she was SOOOOOO thin when she came home, she is normally a thin cat anyways, that it just seems that way to me. She was out about 2 weeks before for a couple hours but if she got preggo then she wouldn't have gone into heat right? I don't think so but figure I better check.

think those are all my questions for now.
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It's possible she has worms if she has a pot bellied look starting already.
I apologize if this has been answered in another thread, but may I ask why you don't just take her in to be spayed right away?
If cash is an issue there are lots of low cost spay/neuter clinics you could contact, or maybe even your local humane society would help you out. Many vets will help out with a payment plan as well....
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pondwader---- She isn't really "big" or getting a huge belly she just looks a bit bigger than before she got out. But could be just that after being gone for 6 days she came back alot THINNER (she was thin to begin with so loosing even a little bit you could see) so she may just be eating more to make up for those 6 days. But maybe I will take a stool sample to her vets (now to just put her in a room with her own litter box till she goes. LOL).

I did answer on my first thread but I am just not comfortable with getting her spayed if she is preg. even if I am not sure. So will wait and either do it when she weans the kittens (if she is preg) or after her next heat if not preg. She is an indoor cat and all my other pets are fixed, but my 3 yr old let her out 2 weeks ago
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I totally understand.... many people just are not comfortable having a pregnant cat spayed... I was just wondering.
As far as the cat "getting out" I understand that too, I've been in a similar situation myself, it happens. I have always been a big promoter of spay and neuter, be responsible, etc etc etc... and have done rescue for years, but it just takes that one time, a set of circumstances (timing, money whatever)
All you can do is your best, to have a healthy momma cat, healthy kittens in good homes, and then spay her as soon as you can. It is just heartbreaking how many are put down every day because there is no where for them to live and shelters get overcrowded, underfunded, and overwhelmed.
As far as seeing her put on some weight, yes it is most likely because she was thin before and is making up for 6 days of probably very little food while she was out.
One thing to consider though is that if she was thin to begin with she may have worms, specifically tapeworm and roundworm is what I would suspect, so taking in a stool sample is a good idea.
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Thanks. would I notice these in her stools? I have never noticed them and the stools were checked before (from our vet) and she was fine. So know she didn't have worms before even though she was thin. She is 2 yrs old. I have 4 cats and 1 is fat (not overly huge but chunky LOL) , one is normal, 1 was really thin before she got a bit older now is normal/thin, and she is on the thin side. She is also just overall small. her mom was a very small kitty too. If I could figure out how to post a picture here I would. LOL I use snapfish and for some reason it wasn't working.

Are cats like humans that some that are thinner just show earlier? sounds silly but I know I was really showing at 9 weeks when I was preggo so wondering if cats are the same that some show sooner than others? yes IK silly question. And like I said she is NOT big at all just noticed a bit of a difference. I will try to get a pix of her tonight and see if you can see her in the other pix I have of her.
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Please try to make sure the Momma cat stays inside while she's pregnant, so she won't pick up anything nasty and especially so she won't have the kittens outside. Are your other three cats fixed?

As for the worms, you would not necessarily see them anywhere, and if you do you've already got a major problem. When Zissou was found she had a big belly, and I thought it must be worms (she was only 2 months, way too young for babies herself!) but I only found one after the first round of strongid and none after the second round, so I think she was just so hungry her tummy swelled up like that, like people do, or else maybe it was gas (I know, eww).

Good luck if she is pregnant!
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ok here is the link to some pictures.

hard to see her size in this but this is my 3 yr old holding her before she got out

Ok don't mind the mess. This was from last week so a couple days after she came home

And a few different ones from today

doesn't really look like a difference in the pix so maybe i am seeing things. LOL
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zissou----- yes my other 3 cats are fixed. she is the "baby" so we just hadn't gotten it done yet, Even though she is 2. other things had come up in that time and I figured she was an indoor cat so no rush....... tisk tisk on me. But she will ONLY be indoors if she is pg. and even after. We are making sure to chain the door again non stop so she can't be let out again. Also I think my 3 yr old really missed her and doesn't want her gone again but at 3 their memory is short........
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today is the first day the calendar says her nipples may start turning. I haven't noticed that at all (but still early as it says as late as the 16th) but does look like her bottom 2 nipples have less fur now and I can find them a little easier. Last night I could only FIND 3 of her nipples........ hmmmmmmmm she MUST have more. LOL Like I said they are TINY and she isn't even fluffy!
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My cat has kittens now two weeks old
I read all ine info on her nipples turning pink and her stomach showing at a certain time and i can truthfully say:
Her nipples did not seem to go pink or change a great deal untill right before she gave birth.
She "showed"from really early on,at about 3 and a half weeks,her tummy was noticably bigger.she had just been wormed,so I knew it wasnt worms.
Hope this helps
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thanks Lili cat and congrats on the new babies. Good to know about the nipples, I wasn't sure if it HAD to happen or always did or what. Guess I will wait and see. She is on the thin side so she may start to show earlier than the 4 weeks they state........ Just would like to know one way or another ASAP. But only been 2 weeks since her first day out...... ho hummmm LOL
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Hi, just wondered if you had noticed any changes yet?
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Hi Lilicat thanks for asking.

I did check again today and can see more of her nipples and they definately look a bit bigger than they were before and are a tint of pink now. Before they were pure WHITE and so teeny you could barely see them. So i am figuring by the end of the mo. she will be getting her belly..........

how are your baby kitties doing?
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Hi Junior

Thanks for asking

The kittens are doing great thanks.Cant believe how much they change so quickly,this time last week they did not even have their eyes open and now they are practically walking aroung the box!!,and can hear and look towards me. It's great

It is great you can see some signs of pregnancy!

The nine weeks seemed to go really quickly,before you know it,yours will be here also!

Please let me know how you are getting on

Lilicat x
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Lilicat----- keep me informed on your babies too. Seems like this week since she came back home has been FOREVER. LOL hoping once it gets to the nice weather and we are busier it will go faster. LOL She ran away and was gone for 6 days (that was a LONG 6 days too. almost 7 since she got out Tue a.m. and came home mon night). Then last Mon night she showed up on my door. PHEW! she is an indoor kitty so we were all a mess! And of course she was in heat when she got out. LOL
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Ok will add one more question............

How many nipples should a cat have?????? LOL silly que. but I can only "find/see" 4. But earlier this week I could barely find 2 so maybe they are just popping up the "further along" she gets????
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Hi again Junior,
What a traumatic time you have had!
Lili{my cat) went missing for 24 hours and I was a wreck,so I cant imagine how you must have felt after six days!
Sorry,I think I missed your cats name.
will keep you updated on the kittens,they are so cute
Do you know who the dad of the kittens was?
Take care
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lilicat---- her name is Angel. Even though she is FAR from an Angel. LOL I love her dearly though. heheee NO clue who the daddy or daddies of the kitties is. LOL we have MANY male cats that roam around our neighborhood and I am sure in the 6 days she went to other places too....... hoping he had some color to him though as Angel is orange and white. But her mom was a calico.
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