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Pictures of Garfield protecting his HUMAN sissy!! Awwww!

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My little boy has the biggest god ever created!! I have always told ya'll about how sweet and cuddly he is. And about how he tries to talk to me (though his "words" aren't very clear) and I am supposed to understand.... He is such a loving boy. Don't let his size fool you, he is a big ol' baby!!!

Well the other night Laynee (my oldest) fell asleep on the sofa and Garfield decided he was sleepy too. So he crawled up next to her head and wrapped his little fuzzy arms around her face. He looked up at me and gave me a BIG "MEOW" which I am guessing meant "This is my sissy.. and tonight... I'm protecting her" hehehehe...... Am I lucky or what????

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Oh my! How precious is that!?

What a sweetie Garfield is!
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Ahhhhh, how absolutely adorable!! him loves his Sissy!!!
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That's beyond cute! What a good "protector" Garfield is!
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Awww...what a good boy he is!
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Aww-what a sweetie is he! My cats love laying with my daughter as well. They are the kids's protectors!!
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Aww...Garfield is such a good boy! And so handsome!
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So cute! People, especially those who have no pets, tend to forget that animals can have personalities and emotions equal to that of humans and see their human caretakers as their own parents

My kitty always sleeps with me. He can't stand to be alone for a long time and has a tendency to stay close by.

Once again your kitty is precious! I love his coat and sweet face
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Much nicer than how my Garfield sleeps with his girl...right on her face!

I just love your Garfield...he is so cute and fluffy! And Laynee is just precious!
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Those pictures are too cute for words!!! Awww
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Oh now that's just to cute
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Such gorgeous pictures - our kitties have always protected our children too.

Now, Lily thinks I need guarding. I get followed everywhere and she stands guard in the doorway of whichever room I'm in.
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Aww, that is so cute!
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That is so cute. Garfield you are a sweety Pie..
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Oh that is the sweetest thing! Those pictures are absolutely priceless!!!
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oh no.... cuteness alert!
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that is sooo adorable
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Those are soooo sweet! Bless his little heart.
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Awww!!! Thanks everyone!!!
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That is tooooooooooo sweet!
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