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Good vibes for Miew please

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All, my foster kitty (the Siamese/Orange Tabby) Miew
was staying at the Cat Loft for a week while my parents
were here.

When I went to get her, the attendent told me that a lady
had brought her cat in, seen Miew and fallen "in love".
She *may* want to adopt her!! Please all send good
vibes for this to happen!!!

The Cat Loft people know this lady very well and they
spoil their cats rotten. And NOT a single kid for Miew
to deal with!!

Meantime, I'm back to early am levee ... up to feed
Miew.... Miew's back to running the house, LOL!!

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Sending vibes that Miew will go to her forever home!!
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Sending more vibes that Miew has charmed her way into a good home.
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Sending lots of vibes that this is the right home for Miew!
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Thanks all! I am still praying and hoping! Miew is such
a GOOD kitty, she deserves a home where she can get
lots more attention and loving than I can give (having 3
that need attention too!!) I will keep you all posted.

Meantime, Za's kittens all went to the vet for adoption.
They will be well taken care of!!

On to trapping/netting Za and getting her to spay.
I shall be relieved when I get it done.
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I'm so glad to be back! My computer had a loose screw and I couldn't get online! My brilliant daughter was going on vacation just as it happened and asked me to wait until she got back so I wouldn't have to "call somebody" and she just now fixed it for me (with a little help from an ex-boyfriend).

I left you concerned because Eleanor had not shown up to eat for three days. I'm so sorry to say this, but last week, a neighbor showed me her dead body. I cried a long time but brilliant daughter reminded me that we are Buddhists and know that Eleanor's karma left her body for a new life-adventure almost as soon as she died. She assured me that my feeding and caring for her helped her live this life better.

In addition a new cat found me. He's all grey with shiney bright green eyes. He has been hurt in the back left leg. I'm hoping to trap him on Sunday. I call him Claggett. I'm pretty sure he is abandoned.

Now on to the daily news report.
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Thursday, May 11, 2006

One of my neighbors told me today that Blackie, the smallest of cats, guards a tree by her window and won't let the other cats climb it. She thinks it's really cute. That tree leads to the roof of the apartment building for the cats. She thinks the other cats want up there so they can take shelter in the heat vents on the roof, but he won't let them up. It seems pretty funny to her, she admires his feistiness.

Maymie waits for me by the rec building where I feed the scary cats separately now. She seems very grateful that I feed her there, and so does Red. She's starting to forget and forgive me for trying to trap her, but I can't completely give up.

Roll Call: Blackie, Bonita, Claggett, Contender, Dude (Tiger), Growltiger, Jose, Lady Day, Maymie, Red, Sneakers. Eleven total.
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{{{Prayers and vibes}}} for Miew to go to her forever home & for Katie's Cloggett to find healing & comfort in her care. Bless you all for taking care of those unfortunate cats!
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