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We have new neighbors

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Well, the sweet, quiet older lady with the cute little dog who used to live across the street from us recently sold her house. She's been replaced by two young guys. They had some friends arrive in a huge RV on Sat. that sat in the driveway all weekend. Could hear them partying into the wee hours.
I went out to cut the grass yesterday morning around 10:30 and a couple of them emerged from the RV looking like death warmed over. I'm sure they didn't appreciate the noise from the mower, but they got no sympathy from me. I hope this isn't going to happen every weekend! The neighborhood's usually pretty quiet, a nice mix of people - some older couples, some young families. I can't believe people will stand for this. I do want to give these guys a chance, though.
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Theres nothing worse than your neighbourhood being turned upside down with someone like that We had a similar problem with some teenagers but we all got together and complained.

I'm hoping to sell up and move house next year back to where i originally came from.

Hopefully it's just a one off Eileen
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Maybe it was a house warming type party and a 1 time thing. If it happens again I would talk to them.
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That would drive me insane too Eileen.....hopefully it was just a one time thing!
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I feel your pain! I have one wonderful neighbour, him and his wife have lived on the street for 50 years and are in bed by 9. On the other side though...i have a house being rented by several different people. One who has a beat up old truck that requires 10 minutes of revving and cranking every morning at 5 am to get going (and fills my basement with exhaust!). And on friday night him and his friends drank all night in their driveway and on my front lawn. They kept coming up to my window because they could see the kittens looking out. I'm not really sure what i am going to do about it...I would rather not get on this guys bad side...since the way he's treating me now is being on his good side!

too bad you can't choose your neighbours like you choose your friends!
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Wow! That's too bad! I hope also that it's just a "first time in a house" type of party.

I doubt your neighbors will stand for that. Honestly, bad neighbors can effect the value of your home (minimally if its just one).
Does it snow where you live? Wait until you have to get the snow plow out at 6 AM!!!
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Yeah, I'm really hoping it was just a one time thing. I think it's so important to be on good terms with your neighbors if at all possible. You don't have to be best buddies, but it helps to know there are people close by you can count on in an emergency. That's how it is with our other neighbors.
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Were they actually keeping you awake, or could you just hear them? I'm a very light sleeper, so I feel your pain if they were keeping you awake. If it only happens a few times, and only on weekends, you may just have to deal with or make your life even more complicated. My neighbor two floors down keeps me up, wakes me up, has people over all the time fighting outside, etc. He plays his music so loud it actually feels like I'm trying to sleep on a subwoofer. And this happens at 4:00 pm, 4:00 am, midnight, noon, it seems like he never sleeps! And with all the drugs he does, thats possible. He's been to court five times this semester!

You should try making friends with them now, without mentioning the party at all. Sometimes if people know their neighbors they're more likely to be respectful, in general.
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That would totally suck! I kind of know where you're coming from. We have a "heavy metal guy" living right below us and some "rappers" that live 2 below us...and both of them blast heavy metal and rap respectively all throughout the day and night. They have competitions of whose music is the loudest. We are the innocent bystanders in the situation.

P.S. "heavy metal guy" and "the rappers" are the nicknames we have for them when we talk about them..which is waaaay to often. Jerks.

I totally feel for you...Maybe your neighbours just had a one time thing and hopefully they won't be so disrespectful on a regular basis. If so, I would just knock on their door and politely let them know that "this has happened more than once, and I was hoping you could keep the noise down from now on".
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