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Look At This Baby!!!!!

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How do you like our new baby?? She is 7 weeks old and she is so frisky!! We haven't found her a name yet. Got any suggestions??
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Sorry the pics aren't better
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You can name the kitten ASHLEY HAMILTON. it's a good name for a boy or a girl and it sounds very Connecticut and/or Hamptons!

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Since she's frisky, name her Frisky then, LOL
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Oooo Shes' a darling!!! Hmmm I'll keeo thinking about names for the little furball!! hahahah
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She's soooo precious and what a cute little face!!!! Mischief might be a good name for a frisky little kitten!
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What a cute kitty. How about Smokey?
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She is so tiny and cute! How about Bella, Etta, or Gladys(sp)?

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We were thinking of naming her Miss Chevious
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That's a really cute play on words, for a very cute kitten!! What a little doll, and she seems to know just how cute she is, too.
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Oh my! She is soo darling! I am so jealous of you and all your kitties!

Naming...well, I generally just wait. My poor Spidey didn't have a name for almost a month I think. I think cats deserve the right names, and I also think they should have fun names or pretty names, so I wait until the right one hits me.

Although I do think the Miss Chevious is a very cute idea!
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OMG, she is so cute!

I like Miss Chevious. I would use Chichi as the call name, rather than Missy, because it's less common, but then I so seldom call any of my cats by the name I gave them . . .
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What a cute little one! My little Kiki looked just like that when she was little. She is still little but not that little anymore. It amazes me how they grow soo fast.
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Oh my gosh!!! She looks EXACTLY like one of the three feral babies I rescued Thursday, (which I will post about in a new thread later)
I named her Charlotte. You could call yours Charlotte too, I wouldn't mind.
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If you want a name that suits her appearance, I'd call her Innocence! Have you ever seen such a sweet, "I'd never do anything wrong" look? Of course, knowing kittens as I do, she's probably getting into her share of trouble. Trouble is a cute name too!
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How about Sweetie?
She is truly a doll.
Congratulations to you and your family!!!
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When I was younger, my friend had a cat called PIA for Pain In the A**. I always thought it was a funny name, although your baby looks too cute to be called that. She definitely has the innocent look that is so deceiving.
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What a precious baby. Love the idea of PIA. Never heard that one before. I guess I have quite a few of those. Could I name them PIA 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, etc., etc., ha!ha! Can't wait to tell my husband about that nname, he'll love it.
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AWWW, I want her!!!!! You could call her Traviesa(Spanish for mischeivious) or Chiquita ( spanish for little girl).
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