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Aggressiveness - Worried

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Hi Everyone,

Now its Luna I'm worried about.

All weekend she was realy cuddly and sweet. Then last night she REALLY got aggressive. She was going after Patches (i.e. running up to her hissing and trying to smack her), then Beauty. She left Whitey alone though.

B was saying that I might have to face up to the facts and put her on some medication. Is this an absolute last resort though? I really would hate to do that to her as I love her spunky style and don't want her to be "drugged" all the time.
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I think Luna feels like she doesn't have enough territory. Does she have a kitty tree? because high places have extra territorial value.

It just sounds like she is trying to defend territory from the other kitties.
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We don't have a cat tree, but she does have plenty of places to jump onto (Window Sills, a clothes bin in B's closet, etc).

It was just weird last night because she even attacked B. I think you're right in the fact that she is frustrated. Whitey normally follows her around...either he sees her as something to dominate or he sees her as a potential playmate.
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Maybe Luna's upset about Whitey trying to be the top cat. A cat tree might help them sort it out. I know Bootsie was pretty upset about Monty dominating her. But, Monty instigated less fights once they got the cat tree hierarchy established.

I don't understand it really. I thought it would make things worse because they might fight over the highest spot. But, they didn't that much. When Monty's not on the tree Bootsie takes the top. When he is she likes to sleep in the tube while he sits on top of it. Cats are mysterious creatures.
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Really? Huh. I may look into something then. I remember when we first got Whitey she was highly disturbed that another cat could jump up onto the window ledges with her. She was fine until he showed her that! LOL
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