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Cleaning a cat's face

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As in my Lounge thread, Wellington came back last night grey all over, and I mean all over, even the insides of his ears. I cannot imagine what happened to him. I gave him a bath this morning, most of the dirt is fine dust, but I could not clean his face with the shampoo and shower. He looks really funny now - a grey face and head and pretty white starting behind the ears! A washcloth is not enough - has anyone any good tips for cleaning his face? Persil is trying but I think it will take several days before she licks it all off, and anyway, I am not sure I want her doing that as I don't know what kind of dust it is.
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have you tried baby wipes?
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I was going to say unscented baby wipes as well.

Oh Jenny can you not take a picture as well
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I will try that. And I will take a picture tonight, though I am not sure how much the difference will show up on camera!
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I bought baby wipes - couldn't get non-scented (you can't even get non-scented loo paper here!) but I did get some without alcohol. When I got home Wellington's face was much better - I think the others had been grooming him. I tried the wipes but to be honest they didn't take much of hte remaining dirt off. So I think he will have to have a grubby face for a few days while it wears off. I wll try again withthe wipes each day and maybe it will help a little.
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This is why I will only have black cats! The dirt doesnt show up at all!
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Try some baby wipes maybe he was under a car.
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I too have used unscented baby wipes as well as a wet warm paper towel.

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