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When do you take your garbage to the curb?

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Of course, Jerry being Mr. Firefighter, we have a scanner here that lets us listen to all the police/fire transmissions that go on in our city. We were eating breakfast yesterday, and the dispatcher calls to a patrol car to head on over to a certain house. Seems thier neighbor was putting his garbage out to the curb already, (it was 9) and we aren't supposed to take our garbage down till at least 6 pm for the next mornings early pickup. Now, come on people! Didn't that person have anything better to do than to tattle on her neighbor? Seems the neighbor would be gone the rest of the day and didn't want to be taking it all out late at night when they returned. Maybe I'm just more tolerant, but come on.....who was he hurting?? Seems to me the busybody tattletale needs to get a life. I could see if they do this every Sunday and it's all scattered all over the place, but it was 2 garbage cans!
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Are the police seriously called for something at trivial as that?

Some people put their bins out the night before, but i put mine out as i leave for work.
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Oh, you should hear some of the calls!
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I sometimes put my wheelie out the night before, as I tend to forget!

One of my neighbours puts theirs out on a Tuesday, even though our bins are taken on a Friday!
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There are strict rules here on the beach for "beach beautification" reasons, and any violator is supposed to receive some sort of fine. Our trash is picked up on Monday mornings, and the rules state the bins are not to be put out any earlier than 6pm Sunday evening, and must be brought back up to the house by Tuesday morning. The police don't go around searching for people who (gasp) leave their bins out until Tuesday evening just so they can write up tickets, though. I suppose it would have to be reported as you said, Susie. You're right, doesn't that person have anything better to do than to report her neighbor for something so frivolous! She needs to get a life!
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I have a good ol fashioned garbage chute in the ol apartment building. It's actually good cuz I don't have to go outside to take the garbage out
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I have a weekly garbage pickup on Tues which I take out early in the morning as I don't want it knocked over by anything. Recycling is piced up every other monday (today) I also put the bins out early in the am. They get put back in the garage that afternoon/evening. Around here though once you put you garbage out people will cruise around and take stuff!! We get rid of lots of stuff that way!! One man's trash is another man's treasure. I must admit if I saw "something good" I will stop and look!! But in town they can only use the city provided garage cans that the trucks automatically pick up. In the "country" we are much more liberal as to our garage!!!
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Our gargabe is collected on Monday am early. We put it out on Sunday night at various times. Sometimes early, sometimes late. and Honey usually doesn't get around to bringing the tote back in until mid week.
Our neighborhood and town is very easy going on garbage laws. We have lots of different trucks from indepentant garbage places picking it up on various days. I guess I'm used to it, so it's no big deal (unless they wake me up!)
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Ours is collected Thursday mornings. I will sometimes confuse it with Wednesday and take the trash out Tuesday nights

However my question is, what happens when you go on vacation and won't be there to take the trash out? We use to leave it out before we left...then we didn't have the trash stinking up the house (or garage)
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We put ours out sometime between after dinner and before bed on Thursday as it is picked up Fridays and we both have to work on Fridays. One of my neighbors is retired and he always puts the cans back before we get home.

p.s. Rosie,
you'd be surprised to hear some of the things people call the police over!
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Our garbage gets picked up on Monday mornings. My husband takes it out on Sunday whenever he remembers to do it and sometimes he forgets all together. We dont go through alot of garbage just one can and it is usually not full so if he missed a week we can deal with it.
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
Are the police seriously called for something at trivial as that?

Some people put their bins out the night before, but i put mine out as i leave for work.
i thought you meant how often, not what time! i put mine out the night before. afaik, there's not a set time where i live
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Our garbage gets picked up bright and early (6 a.m. to be exact) tomorrow morning, so we'll put the garbage cans out sometime this evening.

Was this busybody tattletale an elderly person or something? Some people can get all worked up over such silly things.
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We dono't have garbage pick-up here. We live int he country & burn our garbage. I haul it out when the cans get full & toss a match on it, but only if there are proper conditions for a fire(when it's really dry, we don't burn).

Calling in a neighbor's garbage cans too early? That;s funnier than blowing grass clipings into the neighbor's yard!
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Our trash pick up is Thursday morning. I usually drag the trash can to the curb in the early afternoon on Wednesday, simply because I'm working at two different schools on Wednesdays, and clean the litter box when I get home from my morning classes at one school, and have a break before going to the other. Trash is only collected every 14 days here, and recyclable stuff once a month. I always check the "collection plan", and I think the neighbors appreciate the fact that I put out the trash early, because it reminds them to do the same. At any rate, nobody has complained.
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Garbage pickup here is between 7am-8am Tuesday mornings.
Sometimes we take it out Monday night, sometimes Jeremy takes it out when he comes home from work on Tuesday mornings.
Sometimes (if it hardly has anything in it) we don't take it out at all.

We have no particular time frame though as long at it's not blocking anyone's parking space.
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That's funny. We aren't allowed to put ours out until 12 hours before the day of pick up. I try to put it out Thursday night but usually forget and have to run it out before they come Friday morning.
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We don't have garbage pick up here - well, we do - but we live in an apartment complex, and just take our garbage out to the dumpster thats outside across the street whenever I need to

I like it that way!
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I try to take it out the night before, but sometimes I forget and I never have time the next morning so I'll just wait till next week!
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Our's comes at 8 am Tuesday mornings. Eli generally takes it out before he heads out to work in the morning. Our landlords however, put it out Monday afternoon, RIGHT where Eli parks. I alway have to move it when I come home and then Eli puts it back in the morning.
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No set garbage collection here, thanks to apartment life. You get fined $50 if you leave it "insight" and someone who works for the complex walks by..the person below me always has those little pink stickers since she leaves in on the porch, in the corner to "hide it"

I just take it out whenever, probably atleast once a week or so. The dumpsters are at the edge of the complex...a brisk little walk across the grounds.
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I cant believe the cops went our for a trash fine . I cant stop laughing. It must be nice to live in a place that the cops have time to respond to this kind of call. We have over 40,000 cops in NYC and they certainly wouldnt have time for garbage violators, too busy picking up the corpses off the street (not in my neighborhood though). anyway that brightened up my day.
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Our trash pick-up is on Thursdays, usually gather all of the trash in the house and take trash barrel down on Wednesday evening. We live in county and no set time to take trash barrels down. (I guess he didn't have anything better to do!!) (I can't imagine calling cops over such a pitty thing!)

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I don't think we're supposed to have ours out before 6pm Wednesday night but some of our neighbors do take it out at like 4 when they get home from work. Woop-de-do. Now if it was windy I might wait longer. We have enough little things here and there lying around this neighborhood.
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Our garbage is collected Tuesdays & Fridays anytime from 5pm-midnight. I don't know if there are any rules as to the earliest you can put it out, I normally do it in the afternoon.
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we dont.... we've got a yard full of bins that we have to take the trash down to when we run out of space up here
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
Are the police seriously called for something at trivial as that?
Let me tell you, I could fill a book with all the stupid calls we get. Yes, the police DO get garabge complaints just like this.
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We don't have a Wheelie bin anymore just council bags and they're collected between 7-8am on Thursday mornings. Recycling is also collected in the same time frame and for the first time ever we've started recycling. It saves a lot of money on council bags. We have no stupid rules about how long the rubbish is allowed out for
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Garbage is hilarious for me here in Taiwan. I don't take out the garbage, my doorman picks it up from outside the elevator everyday around 1pm. He then takes it downstairs where someone else takes the recycling away for money. But this recycling person is not part of a government office, they do it for cash. And that's ok by me. I'd rather give my recyclables to someone needy.

But the best part is that the garbage truck comes EVERY day, TWICE a day. They don't pick up bins or cans, you have to run after them and throw your own garbage in!

Oh I lied. The best (or worst if you live here) is that the trucks play songs LOUDLY to remind you that they are coming. They play the song the whole time.

Ours is a bad rendition of "Fur Elise" by Beethoven.

Yes, the garbage truck plays Beethoven!
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As close to pickup time as humanly possible. My neighbor's outdoor cat likes to shred the bags and strew the trash across my yard otherwise.
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