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Monday, 8th of May daily thread

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Morning everyone

It's another sunny day where i am and most people here at work have the monday morning blues They'll be fine once they've had their tea or coffee though

Grocery shopping tonight, i love it

Who's is that gorgeous little fur ball in my siggy?
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Morning Susan!!

It's 25C here in Frederiksberg, Denmark and has been for the last coupole of days. I'm already going brown. It's funny how fast the weather changes!! We haven't had spring.. just one day we suddenly went for deep dark winter, to KABLAM! Summer.

I'm off to the TV station this morning (means sitting in a basement all day) and then grocery shopping for me too tonight. Wooptidoo.

Happy Monday folks!
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Morning everyone!

It's a little overcast here today - but hopefully we won't get the rain we had yesterday!

Quite a bit to do today and have to think of something to cook that will include the bacon I defrosted yesterday (and didn't have time to eat! )

Hope you all had a great weekend and enjoy your Monday!
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Morning all! Wow what a morning... I am covering one of our other teams today because of sickness, I have no idea what I'm doing and have been totally thrown in at the deep end, however they have such a laugh here so I don't care! It is so different to my office and is making me really not want to go back
Got a good nights sleep last night, nobody being sick which was great I had to shut the bedroom door though which I have only ever done once before because Nismo was just going crazy. She loves to lie under the covers between Mark and I and she just looks so cute but she can't lie still. After a while she just decides to sink her teeth in to you which is no fun.
I woke up to her crying her head off at about 7am.
Have a great day everybody!
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I am not looking forward to work after a night of insomnia mixed with naughty cats who didn't want to let me sleep once I fell asleep and am up already.

The boss is back from vacation today so it means a day of catching up on business stuff with him and getting none of my work done.

Its supposed to be fairly nice here (17c by this afternoon but is still a little chilly especially with only an hours sleep)
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Who is that little furball in your sig???? I know I haven't been around lately....
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Now I get it..... it's spot the difference.

Silly me... though that Sophie and Rosie had got a new sister!
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Originally Posted by Pombina
She loves to lie under the covers between Mark and I and she just looks so cute but she can't lie still. After a while she just decides to sink her teeth in to you which is no fun.
Isn't that so sweet though!

And i still havent a clue as to who's that kitten is?!
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Yes it is the sweetest thing, but you have to give her attention or she claws at whatever piece of flesh is on offer so you can't really sleep with her there. I just lay awake and watched her this morning though, but really can't do that all night
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Sophie taps at my head or my arm if it's out the duvet when the alarm goes off as if to say " Come on get up now! ", but sometimes she'll give little light scratches in the process, but it's so sweet
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Morning all!!

I have taken the day off work as I have had a really bad migraine since last night and my face has swollen up like a melon!!

was wondering if it was an allergy but the guy which I have been sort-of-seeing has the same thing so it looks like he just gave me his germs

Feeling tired and rough and might just go back to bed.

Hope your all having a better day than me.
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Nicky that doesn't sound pleasant Keep an eye on it though incase it gets any worse.
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Good morning everyone!
I am actually in a great mood for a Monday morning. It was a little hard waking up this morning since I was out sick all of last week. Yesterday was actually the first day I stayed awake throughout the entire day
My Medical Terminology class starts today so I will have some work to do this evening.
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Originally Posted by LilleKat
then grocery shopping for me too tonight. Wooptidoo. Happy Monday folks!
Good Morning all! Emma, I thought the term wooptidoo was an American saying! Glad to hear it's universal!

Had a good weekend, but am very sore this morning. Planted all my flowers, had to replace 2 bushes that didn't make it over the winter, lugged around bags of dirt, planted my garden, etc. Every muscle in this tubby body is screaming, MASSAGE!! But at least it looks nice!

Happy Monday all!
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Good Monday Morning All!! I did almost NOTHING this weekend. i had a baby shower to go to yesterday which was ok not too many complaints from it. Otherwise we worked on my car and watched tv all weekend. No shopping for me!!
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I'm going grocery shopping tonite too!

My weekend was great - got off work about 1PM on Friday instead of 5PM - YAY! So we took off super early for my parent's for the weekend.
We brought along John's brothers little 8 week old Beagle for the weekend - his brother was out of town and didn't have anyone to puppy sit - so we took her camping all weekend. It sure was fun - and I miss her cuddling up with me when I sleep now - but thats okay - Harley cuddled right up to me last night

Its a gloomy day out today, BUT.... its only a 4 day work week for me - Friday is my birthday and I took the day off! I plan on being lazy and sleeping in!

Have a great day everyone!
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Goodmorning Everyone!

It's a beautiful day here, sunny but a little cool; it should warm up by noon. I'm working today too, so I will miss out on this beautiful day.

Anthony and I had a full weekend of gardening, and lifting patio stones and preparing it for the walk way we will be doing soon. Anthony's mom & dad brought his aunt and uncle from Ireland over for a visit and to see our new house. This weekend went by so fast
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Hi everyone

I'm in a pretty good mood this morning. Didn't do much all weekend except go out for Cinco de Mayo.
Yesterday I refused to go anywhere. On Saturday night, I went out to pick up a few things and go so fed up with it all I wouldn't leave the house on Sunday (dropped a 2 liter on the tip of my toe, had to slam on the breaks because someone else did and wound up tipping the pizza in the back seat and to top it all off, got home, opened up the DVD I rented and there wasn't a DVD to be I had to go back to the rental place and get another copy).

Today will be good though!
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Morning all

It's not bad here for a Monday..Sunny as can be and should be about 19 degrees today..thats' warm for us

I have my coffee here and I think we found an apartment last night which is awesome.

Everything is good around here!!
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morning everyone! it is here today and has already rained once this morning yay! (not really) my patio door leaks BIG TIME and last time it rained the carpet in the bedroom (on my side of the bed) was so soaked that it squished when you walked on it . i called the landlord and he came and looked at it and said oh yeah i need to fix that ...that was last sunday!!... im fixin to call him again in a few. i am off the next 2 days i think today my mom and i are going to go plant shopping ! and tomorrow i get paid woooohoooo! and charlie and i are going to go to Cabellas and look at some handguns and hunting rifles and more fishin stuff(like we dont have enough already) lmao
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Waking up to a sunny day!!!
Didn't sleep very well because of that STUPID PEACOCK!!! I will create a thread about that!!
Yesterday got another landscaping project proposal done and emailed. Went to an auction but the few things worth buying well we didn't want to stand around all afternoon waiting for them!! Did a few hours of weeding and watering.
The weather is supposed to be 72-75 degrees today then a really big cool down to the upper 50's for the rest of the week. Also (hopefully) some rain!!
Have a couple of landscaping errands to do, drop of my letters about my plant sale to my mailing list and perhaps plants some perennial for another client. A busy week for me!!
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Good morning! It's a beautiful sunny day here too! I have a bit of headache due to lack of sleep. Got to bed a little later than normal and the cats were unusually restless. Gracie decided 2 a.m. was a good time to lay on my face and groom me. Definitely need another cup of coffee. Then, I need to crank out an article I couldn't get movitated to write on Friday. My editor's on vacation this week, so I may be able to sneak out a little early if I get all my work done.
Have a wonderful day everyone!
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Hello everyone! It's my day off and this house is ,once again, due for a good cleaning! After that, I'm going to "wash that gray right outta my hair" and dye it an auburn color again. When honey comes home,(he doesn't know it yet) he's going to clean fish tanks, mow the grass and then he can play his online games! I've asked and asked him to mow the lawn, it looks terrible and he won't, well, today I'm home and he WILL!
Isis is done with her medication (thankfully) what an ordeal that was ! But finally no more!!!
I've got to go soon, I have screen doors to measure to get new ones. Anyone know how to measure them?
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Well it was raining when i got up at 7am to go to work and its still raining now at 8pm

I dont think it has stopped all day.

I am real tired at the moment, didn't sleep too well last night. Woke up several times with a cough and the little pillow thief was in action as well!

Jaz likes to sneak up when i am sleeping and lie on my pillow gradually pushing me off Many a time a wake up to find a very warm, content, purring fat ginger cat on my pillow with me wondering why my neck is so sore

Hope everyone had a good day, i am going to give my mum a ring now. See you all tomorrow
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