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Boys will be boys!

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Very sexist title I know.

So, stupid me. Yesterday I changed all the bedlinen. I was also very busy marking mid -term exams and didn't pay enough attention to other things. So it was not until bedtime that I noticed Wellington was not around. And when I went to look I discovered that (stupid me again) I had left the inside glass door on the latch, so the cats had access to the catflap, normally impossible after supper. Both boys have learnt how to open it by hooking their paws into it and lifting it, even when it is set to 'come in' only.

I went out and called him but of course, nothing. So I shut the others into a spare bedroom so they wouldn't also take advantage of this bonus, and sat around for an hour to see if he would come, calling him occasionally. Eventually I went to bed, leaving the hall lights on and the doors open. At 2 AM I heard his meow on the stairs and he bounded onto my clean sheets. When I put the light on I beheld a wet grey cat, covered in leaves, webs and dust. He looked just like a little boy who has spent the afternoon playing in the coal shed and the woodpile, and then finished his fun by climbing a few trees and splashing in some muddy puddles. Which, of course, is exactly what he was! He then proceeded to get into bed with me, laying his head on my shoulder and purring and chirruping away as he told me all about his marvellous adventures and how glad he was to be home again. I couldn't be cross with him, but this morning he has had to endure a bath and I have had to change the sheets again!
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lol! Oh bless him!

Jupiter is much the same. Almost daily he comes home covered in dirt, leaves and more often than not, a slug or two stuck to his fur for a good measure!

Maverick is such a dainty girl and far more refined. She wouldnt be seen dead with so much of a speck of dirt on herself!

I guess it's a boy thing?!
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Oops, he had fun though Jenny!
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It it definately a boy thing!

My RB kitty Woody was called Pigpen cause he always had a cloud of dust surrounding him!!

Great story!
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The cats love to roll around in the soil in the veg garden. What is worse is that my neighbor is spreading here horse manure in there and Bakker doesn't seem to know that he should walk around it rather than through it. Thankfully the weather has been dry so he doesn't get too dirty!!
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Your right, boys will be boys!
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Great story, Jenny!

It certainly sounds like Wellington had a great time and was so excited to tell his Meowmy all about it! Bless him!
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Awww, how cute, he romped around outside and then wants to snuggle with his mom under her nice clean linen sheets.
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That's cute! Sounds like something Peter would do, given the chance!
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Wellington the great adventurer!!! very cute story! glad he came back to share his story with you
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