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Remembering Nermal, with love and thanks

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I found this site Friday night, when I was wrestling with the idea of letting my dear, sweet 15 year old Tortoiseshell Tabby, Nermal go. We'd helped her along as much as humanly possible throughout the past 3 weeks, but I knew it was time, and it was breaking my heart (it still is).

I helped her cross the bridge Saturday morning, just before 11AM PST... and even though my tears are still falling while I type, I just wanted to say thank you. It helped me so much to hear stories from others who would undoubtedly understand how difficult a decision that was (it was the first time for me), and I'll always be grateful.

I'd love to post pictures at some point, but it's about all I can manage to send this off for now. With love and thanks....
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I'm so sorry for your loss of Nermal You've listened to Nermal and did what you thought was best and that was to give her a quality of life over at Rainbow bridge

I can only imagine how hard this must have been for you after 15 years, but you will see your little girl again when the time is right, until then she's over the bridge now with all the other cats and kittens having fun.

Just take your time and come back when your ready because we'll all be here for you
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I feel for you at this terrible time. It is the most difficult decision to take, even when we know it is right. Nermal knows you did right by her throughout her happy life, and helped her inthe best way possible at the end.
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I am so sorry you loss your precious cat of 15 years. How hard this must be for you. I pray your memories will bring you peace and comfort. Rest in peace sweet kitty.
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Rest in Peace Nermal, sweety. Play happily my little friend.
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I am so very sorry for your loss. What a painful decison to make! I'm glad TCS was able to help you!

Stick around as you heal...check out the other forums. You will find that you are among friends here!
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Thanks again to all of you... It's an amazing feeling to receive support from people I've never met, and from far-away parts of the world, no less!!! Here's a group hug back at you!

I didn't cry quite so much today (mainly because I had to hold it together while at work), but I did have quite a sobfest when I got home tonight. I can't help second-guessing myself, thinking there may have been things I could have done sooner, etc., etc. I suppose that's normal, but gosh, it hurts to think about it.

Alright, I'm going to try to focus on the positive, and share a few of the things I loved about Nerm, such as:
  • the way she never outgrew her teeny tiny "mew" nor her loud purr
  • the way she'd do what my Grandmom called her "scooter dance" by lying down and scooting across the floor (which became even more energetic if you encouraged her by saying "scoot, scoot!")
  • the way she'd come tearing into the kitchen when someone would get ice cubes, hoping one would drop so she could play a rousing game of hockey with it, batting it around the linoleum floor
  • the way she would lick her face silly after having devoured a pile of whipped cream that she'd convinced a softhearted person (usually Grandmom LOL) to give her
  • the way her tail seemed to have a life of it's own! It looked like it belonged to a raccoon... and it never stopped moving, unless she was asleep
There, that feels better! This is such a wonderful site; I feel lucky to have run across it when I did.

Hmmm, now for my first attempt at uploading an image.... I'd forgotten I'd put this collage together about 6 years ago while playing with a picture program. It seemed a little silly at the time, but I'm so glad I have it now. (Wow, it looks like it's coming through kinda big; I hope that's OK!).

R.I.P. dear Nermal (04/1991 - 05/06/2006)

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