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Not using litter box

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I don't understand why my cat goes outside the litter box sometimes. He uses it for awhile and I think the problem is gone but then I'll start finding "presents" in the house. Sometimes I think he get upset when I wont give him the attention he wants. You know how it is with cats, it dosen't matter what you're doing, when they want to be loved they expect you to drop everything. I always try to give him my attention but sometimes can't, like when I want to sleep or have to leave. So, if anyone has an idea of why he goes outside the box let me know. Thanks
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Inappropriate urination is amost always caused by either a urinary tract infection or blockage. Therefore, please take your cat to the vet and tell the vet that the cat is peeing outside the litterbox so that the vet will know to do a urinalysis.

If the vet does not find signs of infection or crystals, please click here to read about how to change things if the peeing is a behavior problem rather than a medical one.
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After ruling out health problems, try adding another litterbox.
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sometimes the placement of the litterbox is a problem too, my Loco didn't like the litter box that was in a closed area. He felt threatened, he likes the new box that is in an open area so he can see all directions around him. With the new clumping litters, they really hate for the boxes to be at all dirty which is a real challenge for those of us with lots of cats and boxes. I feel like my life is consumed with litter balls and doodoo balls all day long. Good luck, my Loco was peeing all over my house until I saved up the money to have him and my other boy neutered. If you need some additional tips you have more than enough help here. I have a great low cost recipe I made up for urine, boy urine at that. Good luck.
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