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Older cat/sneezing

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I have a 10 yo cat who started sneezing for the last 2 days. Today she looks like she is miserible. This morning I wiped her eyes and she had a browish mucus comming from her eye. This evening she was hiding under the bed. My husband had to pull her out. He gave her about 20 small treats which she ate and also some food which she ate. He gave her some water which she did not drink. We do not have the money to take her to the vet until Friday. We are very concerned about her because of her age and that she does not seem like herself. Any suggestions?
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Give your vet a call. They might be willing to work out a payment plan with you, or allow you to pay at the end of the week.

It could be an upper respiratory virus... but definitely give the vet a call!
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She does need to go to the vet.
Can you try to check if any of her teeth are broken? Sometimes the first sign of broken canines (the fang teeth) is sneezing.
Other than that it does sound like a cat cold! I hope your baby feels better soon!

It is very dangerous for cats not to drink any water at all. Is the food wet food? If she is not drinking water yet, and you still cannot take her to the vet, you need to get a syringe (not the needle kind, the kind used for liquid medicine for babies and pets) and dribble water into her mouth to make sure she's hydrated. It works best if you put the tip in the side of her mouth and push the plunger down gently.
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