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I'm so excited!

I just got a phone call tonight from the director of the computer department for the local community college. Apparently they're looking for someone to teach their Tuesday night Web design class! (I know a high up person there plus both my parents work there too )

I was trying to get in there a couple of years ago, but there were just TOO many instructors at the time. I figured that it would be a fun way to earn some extra cash. I'm amazed that they called me though...I only have a Bachelor's and usually they don't want anyone with less then a Masters (plus 5 years work experience). I guess it pays to know people!

Since it's my first *formal* classroom setting please send me vibes that I won't be one of those terrible teachers!

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YAY!!! That is so awesome! I wish you the best of luck in teaching that class and btw-you will be a GREAT teacher!!
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Cool! Good for you, that sounds wonderful! The more you make them laugh, the more they'll want to learn what you have to teach. Remember that and you'll be fine!
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That's awesome! I agree with making them laugh. Also, if you can, let them be as creative as possible. Since it's a web design class this could be a lot of fun. The more decisions the students get to make the more interesting it will be for them.

Oh, and if you HAVE to assign any group work, DO let them choose their own partners.
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Ooo thanks for the tidbits you guys!

Yes, I definitely remember sitting in their seats after 8 hours of work. So I plan on downing some coffee and then jumping up and down and maybe doing a cartwheel or two to keep their attention

My thing though is that I hate cell phones going off in class...so I plan on telling them that if they don't turn their phones to vibrate I may just start singing along with the tune.

Otherwise I'm excited. I've taken a web design course in the past so I pretty much remember how its suppose to be laid out. I haven't touch Dreamweaver in a good year, but luckily that won't be taught until a little later.
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Oh wow, I'm so excited for you..I know you'll do great!!! Good JOB!
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I have taught "adult ed" classes. They usually pay pretty good!!
Have an outline of subject matter. Don't talk to fast!! Prepare more than what you need as it seems that I went through my material faster than I thought!!
Have fun!! I was usually so pumped to do this once I came home I was wide awake and took a bit to relax!!
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Thanks for the tidbits and the vibes everyone!

I'm getting pumped for this!
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