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Male in Heat???

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Ok, my male cat is 3 years old. I have caught him numerous times hovered over a blanket or a towel with part of it in his teeth and his is pushing out his penis into the blacket... now he is neuter such a log time ago. And occasionally he won;t stop crying all night long. What is going on? How do i stop him from performing this act on my blankets???
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I'm so glad to see someone else has a cat that is in love with the blankets. I thought I was the only one. No, in fact, I have a lot of cats who have strange behaviors. They are all neutered too. I have 3 that are homosexual and hate the female cats, No kidding! I have a couple of male cats who, when a stray I picked up, went into heat before I could get her spayed, they were trying to mate with her. When Pal, my blanket lover starts his foolishness, I push him out of the bed. Right now he is banned from the house because he is a spoiled brat who wants to be king and he's picking fights with any one he can. He's so funny because when I put him outside for being bad, he doesn't care. You can see it in his walk. I know he's telling me to "go to hell", I can just hear him saying it.

Good luck
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