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Kitty collar question

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The kittens are 3 1/2 weeks old now - is it too early to put some kind of "collar" on them? I have a dear neighbor who is sooo excited about her
new "baby" that she went out and purchased a small collar, that I had to
remove because it was too big...I myself have not even looked at the stores to see if collars come in kitten sizes - do they?
Any suggestions? The reason for the collar in the first place is to distinguish between the 2 tan/light orange kittens....they can get mixed up - in fact I mixed them up today!
Thanks for any and all tips!!
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I know that Beckiboo had two little black ones that she put collars on - named Blue and Red. I just don't know how old they were before she had them in collars. You may want to send her a PM if she doesn't see this thread.
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Thanks - I will!!
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I put collars on mine at around 4 weeks. A lady in the US made the collars (she is on ebay and I believe there is a thread about her fantastic collars on the care & grooming forum - I think her ebay shop is called Ragtime collars). She makes collars especially for kittens (and personalises them too if you like), as well as cat collars. Loads of designs to choose from and my kittens have had no trouble with them whatsoever. Her kitten collars are for a 5" to 8" neck. But if you need them a little smaller, she might be able to sort that out.

I need to keep checking my kittens' collars everyday as they are growing so quick!
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Red and Blue were about 10 to 14 weeks old when I got them. They were pretty wild (feral), and jet black except a tiny bit of white on their lower tummies. I did put collars on them, because I could not tell them apart very easily! Here is an early pic....

Two months later, with the collars, sleeping with Garfield.

I had trouble thinking of names, so they ended up named after their collar colors! Blue tamed up nicely, and was adopted out. Her name is still Blue, and the last pics I was sent of her she was still wearing a Blue collar! LOL! We kept "Red", because she didn't get very tame. Her name is Jasmine now, and she is in my siggy. She no longer wears her collar.

I think 3-1/2 weeks is too young for collars. I have heard of marking a paw pad with a Sharpie permanent marker. That seems safer than a collar to me.
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