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Crimped fur?

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I know the condition of a cat's coat can signify health issues,but I have yet to find any references to a cat's hair looking as tho it has been crimped with a crimping iron.....wavy like! Does any one know if it could be health related or genetic? I have asked my vet,but she had no idea..
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The American Wirehair has more of a crimped/rough coat - its a mutation. The rexes (especially the cornish) have very soft wavy coat that some would call "crimped" - again its a natural mutation.

Perhaps your cat has wirehair or rex in the background. Health has nothing to do with the fur looking wavy.
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Zissou's "overcoat" is very straight, and her softer, shorter "undercoat" is crimped and not as colored (her fur is black/white/grey tabby, the undercoat is mostly just grey). These are the hairs I mostly find in my sandwiches .

Zissou is an unknown-background moggy. She is a mackerel tabby, domestic short hair. I doubt she has any purebred anything in her background, but you never know! I don't even know what her siblings (if any survived) look like!
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That's great to hear! I'm such a worry wart!! I just love her fur...it's such a finer texture than what my other two have,and those little wiggly waves are sooo cute!
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