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Greetings cat people!!

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Howdy all! Can I ask a health question here? My cat was in a midnight confrontation with an unknown animal and came out with only a small scrape above the eye. That was about a month ago and now she has a dime sized cirlce of raw skin (same area) where she has apparently rubbed the skin until the fur was gone. She's up to date on shots and her general health seems fine and she doesn't mind me petting near the affected area. Anyone have this before? We tried Neosporin, but she didn't seem to like it. Any other ideas??? Doesn't seem infected, but I'm concerned. Thanks!!!
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Is the area warm to the touch, or warmer than surrounding areas?
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Hi and welcome!
I am a vet tech of 6 yrs. and it is my experience that the area around the eye, just like us is quite sensitive. As someone mentioned before-is the area warm to the touch, is it swollen at all-or was it ever?? If it was and it drained then it was probablty just an abscess, but keep an eye on it. If it is red and keeps "growing" then you might want to be concerned about ringworm. Uno had ringworm above his eye-and that skin too was raw and tender. I would also be concerned about what attacked your poor kitty? How long has this been going on? Just thinking out loud trying to figure this out so I might be able to help. Let me know and if you can send/show us pictures this might be of some help as well. Take care and let me know what else I may be able to do to help!
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She is probably making it worse by licking or touching it. My Persil did that with a scab on her neck and it didn't go away until I put a wide cardboard collar on her to prevent her getting at it. You may need to do similar, or get a real E-collar if nothing else works. That is assuming there is nothing else wrong like an infection.
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