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Rant about inconsiderate people!!

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So these days we are out searching for apartments alot. It is HORRIBLE. We had an appointment to see one today, and the guy told us to call before we went so he could meet us there...We called him for 30 minutes and he never answered the phone.

Also, it seems 90% of apartment superintendants are late, rude, unkept or just really unprofessional altogether. I just don't get why they don't represent the properties a bit more professional so people would actually want to move there.

I hope I find a place soon, or I will go nuts dealing with these kind of people.
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We are not very happy with our apartment building but that is one of the things stopping us moving, if people give us problems that early can you imagine what they will be like as superintendents when you live there?
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That is terrible! We just got a thank you note from an apartment manager for visiting a nice townhome. We are moving there for sure. The thank you note was a nice touch. She was super friendly. I hope you have better luck in the future.
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Wow! So sorry about your apartment finding troubles. Look at it this way though, at least you know what type of landlord you would have!
Keep looking and I'm sure that you'll be rewarded with a professional landlord that is great to have!

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Oi! People can be so rude. I always feel so insignificant to those kind of people. How can they do things like that? I mean, it's not like people have real lives or anything....
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Hey I'm a landlord!

HA! No just kidding.
But I have only had one apartment, and my landlord is awesome! He's done so many cool things! I havent seen him in like a year! But I've heard landlornds can be brutal/mean/and irresponsible. I couldnt imagine what that would be like.
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Oh, just in case anyone is offended by this thread if they are landlords or supers, I'm not saying they are all bad...I'm just getting frustrated with the irresponsible ones.

We looked at a nice apartment in a triplex yesterdat..I think we might take it...

One more question though: Do any of you live in a basement/lower than ground level apartment? If so, do you get many bugs down there? I'm worried about bugs.
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