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Himalayan cats?

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I dont know much about these types of cats, besides seeing pics of them and what not, but today in my local paper, there was an ad for a *FREE* to good home,registered,neutured, declawed, 5 y/o, LILAC himalayan cat. Is there such a thing? Im sorry, Im just kinda clueless as to what colors there are.
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Yes thier is, I think that Lilac is like a blue/grey colour. Sad that at 5 Years this little one will have to find a new home. Hope that it goes to a loving home.
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My Billy is a lilac point Birman, so you can get an idea of what the color looks like. Its sort of a blue with a pinkish tone to it that really does look like a shade of purple. Poor baby, I hope it finds a good, forever home this time.
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Let's move to our Breeder's Corner!
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Himalayan cats just mean they have the pointed gene (like a siamese) and would have the same colors as siamese/colorpoints.

Since siamese traditional colors are seal, blue, chocolate, and lilac - there is such a thing as a lilac point himi. If you like pale color points and a body that says pretty white, adopt him.

Lilac is a pinkish grey - not a blue grey. Its the dilute version of the chocolate. Seal is darkest (black brown), Blue is blue grey (dilute of seal) and the chocolate is milk chocolate in shade.
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lol They are definatly a pinkish blue. I too feel sorry for this kitty, 5 years old is going to be hard on the little one. Have you called about it? I have 2 himi's & they are just loves.
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Mica is a lilac point Siamese if you want an idea of what the color is, it has nothing to do with the color purple!
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My grandparents had two Himalayan cats, they were wonderful, loving and highly intelligent. I've often thought that if I ever wanted to go looking for a cat (rather than just falling for every stray I see) it would be a Himalayan.

One word of caution, if you are not accustomed to long haired cats, you should be prepared for daily brushing. This is important not only to control shedding and hairballs, but also to prevent matting which can be a serious problem.

Here's the wikipedia entry for Himalayans


I think those pictures are a pretty good representation. My grandparents kitties did not have the really smooshed up modern persian face, their's was a little more natural looking, but I'm sure that has to do with breeding for certain features.
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In most countries of the world they're called Pointed Persians. Did you call up the ad?
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