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In a Perfect World Where You Could Do Anything You Wanted...

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(obviously barring illegal/ terribly wrong things), with no monetary constraints (having to go to work, rent, bills, etc) or emotional ones, what would you do within the next 5 years?
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I would travel to all the places I've always wanted to go to or see. If I had no monetary restraints I would go to school for photography and horticulture.
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Wow! I love dreaming!

I would get on a plane TODAY and go to California. No question about it. If I didnt have to ever work again, that's where I would be. I love love Cali!!

I dont even care if I had to stay in a hotel the rest of my life in Cali, at least I would be there.

I would get married on the plane on the way there to My DH, I could use a rubber band for a ring for all I care. I would make my daughter into a superstar, and hunt down Vin Deisel and hug that fine body.

I would buy a Pink Convertible Mustang, and have lilleah be my lisense plate.

I would have 6 more cats, and a small fluff puppy. And hopefully some type of yard to have bunnies and ducks.

I would be the happiest girl on the earth if all this happened.

me & my silly dreams
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I would pack Luna up and Whitey (and MAYBE B and his 2 cats) and go live in Wales for a few years. Loved that country! Maybe even open a little cat shop or a coffee shop. Just for something to do.
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Oh yea, and definitely open my own rescue shelter.
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If I had no money constraints I would buy a large house, and land and start my own no-kill animal shelter. It would be great to never have to worry about money and making a living and just do things that make you feel good and make the world a better place instead of just fighting to survive .
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No monetary contraints, eh?

I'd take up painting
I'd have children
I'd open and run my own community music school
I'd start my own chamber orchestra in that very school
I'd commission lots of works from composers and premier them
I'd adopt about 12 more cats...and a couple dogs and a horse or two
I'd have homes in Northern California, Chicago, the south of France...
I'd write a novel
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This ones fun, I do this every Saturday night when lotto is drawn.

Buy a farm for my husband, build my dream home (2 storey, 2 bathroom,4 bedroom, lots of room) then help the children and family with their dream.
Then travel and help my favorite charities.
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I would buy a quarter section (160 acres) of land, build a big house, finish off school and work as a vet, adopt a couple more domestic cats and a cougar.
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Oh gosh...

John & I would get married, a big lavish wedding with no money spared - with all of our friends and family there.
There would be NO bills to pay
I'd live in a house on a nice acreage with dogs, cats and a horse or 2
I would be a fashion designer for the rich and famous
I would be able to pay off all of my family's bills/debts so they could live carefree for the rest of their lives
I'd own a home closer to my family so I could live closer to them
I'd rescue all the homeless pets and give them all loving homes.... wouldn't that be great to be able to do?
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You know what I'd do if I had the money to do so?

I'd start paying people, in cash, no questions asked, to spay or neuter their pets. I feel one can argue with free money!
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I would hire a personal trainer/massager to whip Jerry and I into shape, then we would buy a house on each coast.......somewhere in California, (central to upper) and perhaps one in North Carolina.

I would open up nationwide no kill animal shelters that were called "Susie's Shelters" None would ever be turned away.

That's about it......that would make me totally happy!
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I would sell my current house, and buy a forever home. Give Brad his pool, and my cats lots of windows. (and myself, a housekeeper and grounds keeper!)
I'd change our current "kill" shelter to a no kill and give it all the money it needs to run that way and never turn an animal away. I'd hire new staff for it, using my own personal feelings about animals as a guide to the hiring. I'd give the ASCPA all the money it needs to hire officers in every state, county etc. and try to get the law changed on animal abusers and how they are fined, not jailed in most cases. It would be considered a felony, with a minimum of 3 years in jail depending on the severity of the crime.
I would help out my family in anyway they needed, and never work again forever!!!!!!!!
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After traveling and seeing a whole lot of the world, DH and I would settle down somewhere in a country setting that was still close to a big city. We'd buy a nice bit of farmland and set it up as an animal shelter. We'd find an organization to work with to train and hire mentally challenged people to care for the animals. That way, we could help both animals and people who need us. (At least, this was the outcome of our "what we'd do if we won the lottery" conversation.)
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travel, make art, ponder, work for a cause that matters to me, ponder some more. Maybe learn to make flies for fly fishing. My husband would like that.
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First I'd build a multi-million dollar mansion somewhere in Germany. I'd buy a fleet of exotic cars... let's see... Lambos, Ferraris, Bugattis, Porsches, that sexy Saleen S7 and any other car that caught my eye.
I'd also get a yatch, a private jet... an F4U Corsair, F4J Phantom, Pitts S2C...
Then I'd adopt 10 more cats, found a sancutary for strays and unwanted cats, get rid of the Bush administration, buy myself an awesome suit, direct a couple of movies, continue school and become a Vet... and the list would just go on and on.

Sheesh, I'm materialistic!
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I would let Mom go to a senior home near my 600 acres in the Northwest somewhere ... I would by a small farm in Nebraska .... I would have a domestic shelter / rescue and a exotic rescue( private and zoo surplus would be welcome) ... I would become a viralogist(sp) ( that is the pipe dream due to an immune system disorder)... Oh I would buy several 4-4 hybrid or eco friendly trucks
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Hrmn.... I would build my cattery and a castle. I would have a wing for nothing more thna cats. Room upon room of toys and cat trees and litter boxes and a butler to clean them all. Then I would live in seclusion and be rich and famous.

Seriously.... I would ahve my cattery and probably a castle that I would oversee the building of, but I would go to all the nice countries I want to see and further my PADI diving course. That's all I could think of.... second to buying Cadburys.
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