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Tell Me About Your Cat's Antics

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When I give Pudge catnip, she will roll in it then spend an insanely long time grooming the backs of her paws, stopping only to chase her tail when it pops up in the corner of her eye.

Then she will fly around the house, ears back, scrambling up the cat tree and launching herself halfway across the living room, flitting through the bedroom, and back in a figure-eight pattern. When she wears herself out, she will lay on the livingroom floor and flop onto her back so that she can gently "nip" and rabbit-kick your hand (claws in, and just a tap with te teeth. if you say "ow" she stops and pushes your hand away) when you pet her.

Last night, I saw her "cover" her food for the first time ever. It was very funny. We had people over, and she apparently thought that the women were other cats for some reason, because she would sit a ways from her bowl and watch them.

After a while, she walked up to the bowl and "covered" her food, the whole while looking at the women as if to say "This is MINE. Eat it, and you'll regret it." (only I feed her, so she probably thinks that some women give food and others take it) She is still not sure what men are .

What are some of your cat's amusing antics?
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Oh, I could write pages about Garfield! He is just such a silly silly boy. One day last week, he slipped into my bedroom when I was ready to leave for work. I never leave him in there alone, because he is too much of a stinker. Plus, he cries if he is in there for too long, because he misses the other cats!

So I am trying to rush to work, and have to go back in my room for Gar, because he refuses to come when called. When I got in there, I heard a noise like a machine working....had to think about it for a minute, and realized he had stepped on the Roomba (robot vacuum) button, and started it working!?! I said, "Garfield, you can't vacuum unless I pick up all the stuff off the floor so it doesn't catch!''

Then yesterday he jumped up on the printer and hit the button making it print a page. Then he dug into the place where the paper goes in, trying to figure out what made it go...if he ever figures out how to push these buttons on purpose, I am going to be in big trouble.
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I have too many! One off the top of my head is that whenever I put fresh water down, Bob runs over and headbutts my hands as they're coming down with the heavy ceramic bowl, which makes it very hard to put the bowl down without splashing all over!
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My printer is Z's "stepping stone" to get up to the window, and she prints the test pages all the time. She's just fascinated by watching it print. I think she does it on purpose and then acts surprised!

I love how she HAS to be in the same room with me, but acts like its just cause she was going there to. Like, I'm following her! Seriously, I can't even get up to pee without her following me. If she's sleeping, she'll wake up, plop down in the room I moved to, and go back to sleep.

She knows I get annoyed when she meows at the front door, so now she meows around the door. She'll sit about three feet from it, facing a different direction, and meow, or walk in circles near it and meow, and then look at me like, I'm not meowing at the door, am I?

When we go on walks, and I decide its time to come inside, she lays down on the sidewalk outside the door to make me come pick her up and bring her inside. She'll follow me, in general, but as soon as we get near the door she lays down, as if to protest going inside.

She also has an imaginary friend. There's no other way to explain it. She'll act like someone's holding her down play-fighting, and fight back and mrowl. Sometimes she'll look at empty space with her ears back, and wiggle her butt, and attack... nothing... I don't know why.
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Originally Posted by Zissou'sMom
Sometimes she'll look at empty space with her ears back, and wiggle her butt, and attack... nothing... I don't know why.

Pudge does that too. I call it "hunting the invisi-mice".
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First of all I must say that I think Pudge is just the cutest thing, I've been planning on letting you know what a little doll I think she is, but I keep forgetting! *blush*

Well, when is Conner NOT crazy? What really gets me furious and hysterical all at the same time is when he goes to do something bad like scratch the floor or knock over a plant or something, and I get up to redirect his behavior to his toys or scratching post and I get onto him, he runs right away to get on his scratching pad and starts scratching ferociously while looking up at me with innocent big eyes. He is so smart, he knows that I have to praise him whenever he scratches in his designated area and I can't get on to him. It's pure sarcasm on his part I tell ya! EVERYTIME he does something wrong, he follows it by running to that darn scratching post so I have to praise him! That silly cat gets the best of me more often than not, lol, but I love my baby!!
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Oz will be sound asleep somewhere in the downstairs rooms, and will hear my hubby coming down the stairs, and jump up and stretch on his way to greet him as he comes in the room. Why? i haven't a clue. He just gets a bit of a stroke, nothing to rouse himself for really. If only we could get into their heads.

One of my daughters cats runs to the kitchen when they open the cutlery draw. Again no reason, she's never had anything from that draw. And they don't use a tin openener from it.

Strange kitties.

At the moment I'm waiting for Oz to come home so I can go to bed. It's 11.40pm here in the UK. How does he know he can come home any time when I'm not working, yet he's home by 10.30 when I'm working nights?
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Lucy loves to pull the Sticky Paws off the couch which has made it hard because Carly needs it there to deter her.

She wants me to pick her up and then she starts growling. I put her down and she wants to be picked up again.

She doesn't want to cuddle when I'm comfy but when I'm downstairs doing laundry, she wants to be picked up. So I'm usually sorting laundry one-handed while holding the cat.

Lucy doesn't eat her wet food unless I hand-feed it to her. (and of course, I do it)
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There are so many odd things that Reilly does, but last night he was so cute!

When I went to bed he flopped down and layed on my head and neck, he lolly gagged all over me last night purring up a storm he had me awake most of the night but it was so cute I couldn't push him off!
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Whenever Quill sees someone going upstairs to use the bathroom he will rush upstairs and plonk himself into the bathtub looking as pleased as pie with himself! Last night, I heard this thumping in the bathroom and sure enough Quill was playing IN the tub. Another thing I should mention is that he carries his toys around the house in his mouth. So what I was hearing was Quill picking his ball up, throwing it against the wall, and batting it around the tub!
I turned on the light and he just chirped at me and continued playing. And then he must have gotten lonely because he was meowing. and this was at about midnight so you can guess how annoyed I was feeling towards his antics. A while later he came to sleep on my bed. He's so cute
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Some of my cats have the strangest morning rituals. When I wake up Zakk immediatly jumps to attention. I go downstairs and he follows. He then goes to his fairly new turbo scratcher and goes crazy on it for a few minutes. Cookie bounds downstairs and jumps up on the cat tree and twists around on it. If I go to pet him he jumps up like he's hiding, but he really likes to have a quick pet. Then they follow me to feed them.
Rocky likes to meow pitifully for attention when I'm making something to eat or on the computer. He also follows me around and always sleeps on the back of the couch when I'm watching TV. Suzie is shy, but after she eats she'll come in the living room and stare at me, all the while licking her lips, almost to say, thanks for the grub!
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Pepper has to have her hugs and kisses every morning while I am at the computer. She will jump on the desk then into my lap sideways and I have to catch her. She wraps her paws around my neck and hugs me, then leans her head back for kisses that must be on the lips. We go through this at lest twice, depending on whether I have a bowl of cereal she thinks she can bum a bite from.
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I could write a book about the crazy things Princess does. She is ALWAYS doing something crazy!! She hides my car keys so I can't leave her. She will go in my purse and steal money from it and hides it in her litter box. I guess she's leaving me a tip. She can unlock any door (deadbolts included). I had to put latches at the top of the all the exterior doors to keep her from letting herself out. Most people have locks to keep people out, I need them to keep her in!!! When I switched to the littermaid litterbox she would keep going in just to make the rake work. She would do this for hours. Princess also barks like a dog when the doorbell rings. She has locked my other cat, Patsy, in the kitchen cabinet. After she did that she sat in front of the door with this proud look on her face. I could go on but I will stop now.

George, a stray that adopted us, also does some strange things but nothing as bad as Princess. He will climb a tree and decide he doesn't want to climb back down so he will just fall down. He will also get so busy chasing an invisible object that he will run into the walls.
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I have a cute one to add. Today, my BF and I were lounging aroung on the bed watching TV. Dozer just walks across the bed calm as can be. Climbs up on my BF's chest and bites his nipple! Not hard or anything, and only once so I wasn't worried about him being aggressive or still trying to nurse. It was hilarious though, and embarrased my BF to no end!
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Originally Posted by PoisonedPenny
I have a cute one to add. Today, my BF and I were lounging aroung on the bed watching TV. Dozer just walks across the bed calm as can be. Climbs up on my BF's chest and bites his nipple! Not hard or anything, and only once so I wasn't worried about him being aggressive or still trying to nurse. It was hilarious though, and embarrased my BF to no end!
ROTF He probably was trying to nurse, once he bit it he realized it wasn't a milk nipple so gave up.

Rocky Rockette's the clown around here.

"Conducting" (sitting and staring at me while moving her ears around in all different directions to the music (each one always different than the other at any given moment) while I sing to her.

Steals my jeans if I put them down on a chair or on the bed, and pulls them into the living room.

One of my favorites ... NOT ... if I forget to close the door completely, she will get into my closet and play "Tarzan of the Apes" with any clothes I have hanging in there.

Last night she found a stink bug in the house, and I got it and tried to flush it down the toilet. She wanted it, and before I could stop her followed it into the toilet and it was quite a struggle to get her out while she had her paws as far as she could into the plumbling trying to fish it out.

And then there's the pillow routine. I have a pillow on my bed just for the kitties. She waits for me to pick up the pillowcase so she can run in. First thing I have to do is play "peek-a-boo" a few times with the edge of the pilllowcase. Then I have to make believe I piinched her nose off and play, "gotcha nose, where's the kitten nose, okay, I'll put it back." Then I have to pinch her little cheeks and say, "Just lemme pinch those little kitten cheeks."

By then she's purring so loud you could hear it in another room. Then, still under the pillowcase,she rolls over so her belly shows and I have to rub it and say, "jelly belly, jelly belly." Within a few minutes after that she's fast asleep, but not for long.

After a few minutes of sleep Little Big Man has to come up to the pillow and walk all over her until she wakes up and attacks him and they run off.

If I stop that routine at any time and try to do something else, suddently the little white paws and cheeks come out from the pillowcase trying to catch my hands because she knows I'm a sucker for those kitten cheeks.

(Penny, you're new to the boards so probably haven't seen any of the pictures of Rocky Rockette, but she looks just like The Pink Panther, only black instead of pink with the white little cheeks. She's quite a handful. If you're interested, her best pink panther picture (although a crummy camera) is here
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I am currently trying to type on the keyboard, and Tigger is licking me all over my biceps and hands, which makes it very challanging to type. She also keeps trying to drink out of my morning shake, too...
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Bob will jump on my remote if I'm watching a really bad movie. Freckles will make like an Olympic sprinter into the bedroom if he thinks I'm going to bed.

And I was so proud of them the other night. They caught a mouse (well that's not why I'm proud.) Freckles flushed the mouse from behind the bag of kitty litter and Bob ran into position to catch him by the couch. Bob looked like Jason Varitek (Red Sox catcher) blocking the plate! Bob then followed me to the balcony door and put the mouse down after I opened the door. I went to the fridge to get cheese to make sure the mouse left. It was 4:30am and I saw a shadow on the balcony - it was Freckles (the ultimate indoor cat!) I yelled at him to come in and he actually came in! I'm guessing that the mouse got out (the cats aren't acting crazy and the traps I have set have not been sprung) and Freckles followed him. They are just two smart kitties.
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