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Ok here are a few pictures...they are not all that good because I can't use a flash and it is dark in the closet...

This is Moe and her babies!

This is another one of them together!

This is my black one..he is more beautiful in person (boy)

This is the face of the black one

This is my grey one that looks to have bengal markings (boy)

This is my other grey (girl) she looks more like Moe and she looks kinda tabby

This is my tabby (girl) She is so pretty

I am going to try to move her and the babies out of my closet because my daughter (2yrs) can get to them.

I will try to get some better pictures of them later!

They are already fighting and they are not even 24hrs old! they were all fighting over 1 nipple..it was cute and funny!

ok i used a postal scale to weight them.

Black- 3.3oz

Tabby- 3.6oz

Grey(bengal)- 3.6oz

Grey(strip)- 3.5oz

This is the update from yesterday above!

Today's Update:

I have little fatties!! all they do is eat!

I weighed them about 20mins ago and these are the current weights!

Black- yesterday 3.3oz today 3.9oz

Tabby- yesterday 3.6oz today 4.0oz

Grey(bengal)- yesterday 3.6oz today 4.0oz

Grey(strip)- yesterday 3.5oz today 4.0oz

I would just like to say that I am if I have ever offended anyone on here..

I would also like to say for all the advice, help and support Moe and I have received from this site and its members!
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Awwww Congrats! They are adorable!
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Aw, how cute!
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They are so cute
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