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Toilet problems! S.O.S.

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This is my first post here, I just came across thecatsite and I think I am really going to like it here.

My name is Sesselja and I am from Reykjavik, Iceland. I am owned by two cats, 5 year old Pollyanna Scarlet, a calico and a 2 year old Feykirofa, a "striped" moggy.

We have a problem, which I really need help on.
Last January we had to move out of my flat due to broken waterpipes that ruined the wooden floors. Since we had to move out we dicited to redecorate the flat. Meanwhile we are living at my parents house, and there is at least a month left untill we can move back in to our home.

Before moving to my parents there has never been a problem with my cats toilet habits. Pollyanna uses the litter tray every now and then, especallly in cold weather and she is very opsessive and tries to get every grain of sand over whatever she did in the litterbox. Feykirofa hardly ever used the litter tray, always went outside.

After we moved here there are cat´s nr.2 behind doors, in corners and even by the side of the litter tray. There was also cat pee behind the sofa, behind the tv and in different corners.
For a period of time this got better and they both did their nr.2 in the litter tray and I could even go a day without cleaning some cat pee, but then it got worse again.

Now the problem is getting worse every day and I don´t know what to do. They have also started to pee in the flower pots and my poor parents house is really starting to stink!
My mother always plants a lot of flower seed in the spring, that later go out in the garden, but now they are in their early growing stages in the indoorwindow sills. The cats have misunderstood my mothers generousity and have eaten some of these tiny flowers for snack. Today one of them did nr.2 in the largest flower tray.

I think this is Feykirofa that is doing this, especially peeing in the flowerpots because she doesn´t scratch after she pees, but Pollyanna really scratches the whole sandbox, and there has not been ears out of the flower boxes.

I really think someone can help me, I am really getting desperate, and my mother is loosing her patient, not surprisingly.

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I know it has got to be difficult on all of you. It seems these guys are trying to let you know how upset they are. Since you only have 1 month left, you may want to try and confine them to a smaller area. It seems to me they are confused about where they should go and their new surroundings. I am assuming that you let them oudoors at home, and now they are stuck inside. This also may be playing a roll in the new behavior. Let us know if theres any other factors in all of this.
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Hi Sesselja,

You might want to have them checked out by the vet. Usually cat are trying to tell you something. It might be that their box isn't as clean as it should be (or as clean as they would like it to be) or they have a UTI (urinary tract infection). The first thing I would do is have them checked out by the vet. If there is no UTI in either cat, I would isolate them, along with their food and kittybox in a spare room if you have one. This will force them to use the box. You can try getting some cat repellent that they sell at pet stores to put near or in your mothers planters. Also, you might want to try growing some catnip grass for them. That will get their mind off your mom's flowers.
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Thank you for your advices.
I want to add some information.
When we first moved here, both cats were very upset. They are both used to travel in cars, and I even lived here with Pollyann for a while when she was a kitten, but now that she is older she just wants to be in her home looking out her window at her garden. The first days here Feykirofa cried like a wolf on a full moon when I left the house.
They both go outside at home allthough they never go far and prefer looking at the outside from inside. Feykirofa goes out more often and quite often only for a few minutes at the time, just to check if the trees in the garden is still there.
I have a pot with kitty grass for them, but I haven´t yet tried to spray any repellent on my mums plants, but I will defenetily try that. I am also going to buy a closed litter tray (like a carrier with doors) and see if they like that more.
I have to take Pollyanna to the vet soon, since her anal glands always get clogged in time and have to be emtied by the vet. I think I will take Feykirofa along and get her checked for UTI.

I´ll let you know the progress,

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Yeah, a vet check is always a good idea and it is fairly inexpensive to do a check on UTI's.
From what you are describing, with them rarely going in the box for either of the 2 duties, it really does sound to me that they are very upset about the change. Because it is your moms and you have none of their familiar surroundings, they are pretty lost. People think that cats could care less or that they dont get attached to people or things, but this is far from the truth. The private litter box may help. If they check out okay and you are still having problems, let us know and maybe we can throw in some more ideas to help until you are home again.
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I haven´t posted for months, but before I ask for advise for my latest cat problem, I want to tell you how the other problem solved nicely...
We had to stay at my parents house for a lot longer than we expected, a total of allmost 6 months.
I bought a big closed litterbow, and put Bachs Rescue Remedy in their drinking water. Since they were living there for such a long time, they go really adjusted to it, used the litterbox (and/or the outside) properly, and became 2 happy cats, wich really saved the mental health of all the humans!
As spring started to come and they were also more settled they became more and more confident.
Of course then I started to worry about moving back home with them, but the day we moved back, they seem to have thouhgt to themselves "Oh, right, this is what used to be our place", checked if the trees were still in the garden and the right furniture inside, and had a happy nap. No problems at all!!
I better be off now, thanks for your advises!
Sesselja =^..^=
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I am glad this had a happy ending for you and the fur babes!
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