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bump for the new peeps. me and my wife still think back to the day when we had the mama and her 4 babies in our bedroom. such a good mom taking care of her kids and not making such a fuss in such small living quarters.
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Hey whats up y'all! I haven't been here in a while but I would like to tell you all my cats are doing well. They all have their own personalities.

Punkin our first and oldest went through an anal sac gland problem cause of her weight. Vet said to put her on a diet. Well the problem is we got 4 cats...how are we going to monitor what she eats? problem solved. We put one food bowl on the counter where she cant jump to cause of her weight and left it on the ground. We feed all of out cats IAMS and the good news it seems to be much better for them. Punkin went from 17lbs to 15 lbs. Shes on a nice feeding routine right now.

Keke the meowmy which we took in loves to be in doors. I was worried how she would adapt to being a full time house cat. She is such a loving cat. When we are outside on the patio, she stands at the door and watches us. When I leave for work in the mornings, she goes to the kitchen window to see me off. At night she loves to cuddle next to my wife when we go to bed...shes very spoiled.

Stitches the daughter of Keke and the one who was sliced by a weed-eater is such a little cutie. shes only 7lbs and can be mistaken for a teenager even though shes 3 now. Shes very vocal in the mornings and likes to jump on the bed when our alarm clocks wake us up. She also likes to hang out with me when I'm getting ready for work. Her cute looks can be deceiving...when she doesn't feel like playing when her brother wants to, she lets him know! She is very close with her mom, keke and the two like to groom each other. pound per pound she is the toughest of them all.

Achilles who was black when he was born turned out to be one handsome young man. Part maine coon he likes to show off his like bushy tail. When he was a kitten he liked to sleep alone and that is true even to this day. He is the only one who doesn't sleep in the bed room at night. He is also a very loving cat who likes to follow you around. Just recently we bought a big dog bed thats nice and soft. Punkin uses it to sleep but Achilles likes to kneed on it. We call him the male model like Zoolander cause when he turns, he only turns right..for some reason or another he doesn't turn left.

well thats all for now.
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