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Help Needed, Please!

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Hi All,

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this!

I'm a Novice Aby Breeder and I'm having a serious shedding problem. My foundation male, Stevie is shedding like crazy! He was also losing weight, but that's okay now. The vet can't find anything medically wrong with him (blood tests, etc) and thinks that it's probably stress induced. What can I give him to calm him down? FYI, Malaysia is a hot, humid and wet country - could the weather be a problem - Stevie's originally from Japan BTW...

The big problem is that I've got to get him ready for a show in early July! We're having for first time, a 2 day 8 ring CFA show!!! We are in the CFA International Division and Stevie only needs 1 more winner ribbon to Champion... If he's good enough on the Saturday, then I can start Granding him on sunday!!!

Help, please????
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It could be diet related. You might try a different food.
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It is spring and its shedding season. What kind of food are you currently feeding him? It's probably more food related then anything.

And breeding cats (not neutered/spayed) will go thru more coat changes and shedding then spayed/neutered ones.
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Thanks for replying. All my cats are on Royal Canin Sensible + Exigent - it's the only thing they'll eat! I'm thinking I might change them to Raw Food but I'm worried it's too late for the July show...
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Okay, first of all, considering the fact this stud is new to your country and home, maybe you should without any connection to his problem, wait with showing him. Studs take longer than queens to adjust to their new homes (Main reason Y females are brought to the stud when stud service is required) and I believe giving him more time to adjust with less stress will do good with his personality and with him expressing it in front of you and other people.

As mentioned before this is shading season, I have two Russian Blues (not too furry cats you know..) and I comb their hair 2-3 times a day and each time I get tons of furr off of them, you should really take that into consideration cause no matter what is the problem, shading season isn't contributing to it.

And last but not least, hair shading can be result of hormones changes in studs, this has no influence on their breeding quality and it's not genetic, however, it does make it a problem in time of showing.

Unfortunately, the case that I know of such stud, ended up with nurturing after he provided some stud services and it fixed the problem. As for the possibility of it going away normally, if this is the case, I have no idea.. Anyway it doesn't seem to be the problem with your stud.
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