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Anyone have info on bugs dangerous to cats?

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It seems the recent infestation in this area of brown marmalated stink bugs from asia have found their way to my little part of the country, and into my house. I am finding quite a few every day.

On the same page I have a link for here, if you scroll down, there is another similar but called a Bronchymena. Actually, I'm not sure which of the two I have here, but they are very similar.

The cats seems quite taken by them and love to track them all over the house (yes they fly) until I discover it and try to get it. They are big (about 3/4 inch plus legs and antenna), dark and super, super gross.

(You can see it here, the second picture down)


The worst thing about them is if they are threatened they excrete a foul smelling substance (RockyRockette stuck his nose on one before I realized what he was doing, and it made him jump up 3 feet in the air and about 5 feet across the room -- backwards. It would have been funnier if it wasn't so gross. And, of course, he went right back for more.

I have looked and looked, and although they are not harmful to human (their biggest danger is crops), I could find nothing about their effects on domestic animals, like cats.

It also seems that once they're in, they're in, nesting in old wood window trims, etc (and my place is owned by a slum lord who won't fix anything -- yes I'm trying to leave but it will take time). Because of their strong shield-like outside, even sprays don't kill them. I hit one with 1/4 can once to no avail.

Gross as they are, I'm mostly concerned for the cats. Anyone know if there is any danger?

I tried to do a little research, but I'm getting really skittish, I do not deal with bugs well.
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I'm sorry about the bugs. We get those asian lady beetles (the ones that look like ladybugs) in the same way, everywhere, in everything, but yours are way grosser! I know those taste really bad or something because the cats won't touch them if they make the mistake a first time, and they say those also aren't bad for people. Most poisonous creatures are brightly colored, and also don't have defenses like being able to "gas" foul smelling stuff. But I don't know!
I know that creepy crawly feeling! I'm starting to get it myself just thinking about it!
(Oh, and the insect killer is probably ineffective because they've become resistant after so many kinds have been sprayed on them. Esp since they're crop killers. Short of DDT and other illegal pesticides, I doubt there's anything you can spray on them that'll kill them)
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If you are in the US I would call my local county cooperative extension agent- they are really up to date on area critters. I have emailed mine countless times to ID bugs or for other gardening questions and they have always been more than happy to help. If they don't know the answer they will know where to look and will likely find out and call you back.
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Geez, no clue....but I had a new kitty at home who was all of a sudden very lathargic. I took her to the vet, and she did have an elevated fever, but they couldn't find anything wrong. They either "made" her poop or she pooped, and they found the body parts of a giant roach (I do live in the south...lol.) Well, chances were it was a "poisoned" roach, as we also do treat for bugs.

So bugs are definitely not a good thing. But they sure do love them, don't they?
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We get those too! YUK!!
Been seeing them around for for about 10 yrs or so and the cats don't bother with them so there hasn't been any problems.
Don't know if they are toxic but they sure are stinky!
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Hi all, thanks for your answers.

I've been asking around here too, and the common consensus among animal people (and vets they know through the rescue) is that they are not dangerous to cats. Just annoying because of the smell. Since Rocky Rockette loves to chase and bat them, I get the wonderful aroma whenever she finds one.

And it seems there's very little you can do about it. They don't come into homes for food, they come in for shelter, so unless you can find and seal up ever nook and cranny, which is almost impossible especially in poorly maintained apts. like this, nothing much I can do.

The reason the spray doesn't affect them isn't because they're immune. Those hard shield-like outer covering actually protects them from it.

They are so friggen gross. Sigh.

Lucius&Cissa -- did you know in NY (manhattan) they have an anual contenst for the biggest roach? LOL Not kidding!

What this world is capable of these days is a big scary. These particular bugs were unique to Japan (and maybe china -- but definitely asian) only until a few years ago. Once they got here, probably in some shipboard shipment their numbers are growing very rapidly. Again, not dangerous to people or pets, but they are doing a lot of damage to crops.
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I am in no where land also and I have seen a few...
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