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my kittens have worms.... HELP!!!!

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I found a worm in my one of kittens feces. I called the vet and they said that it would cost $15 per kitten plus whatever it costs for my cat. I really cant afford that but I do need to deworm them. I was wondering if any of you have ever been in the same situation, what did you do? Do the dewormers at the pet stores work? The over the counter ones? Please respond, I need you oppinions. Thank you!

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I haven't had any experience with de-wormers, but have you asked your vet if they could set up a payment plan for you?
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Hi, I moved your thread to the proper forum where it will get the most attention.

I wish I had some suggestions but I'm completely inept when it comes to cat health. I'm sure it won't be long before someone a lot more credible than me replies.

Good Luck!
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worms can cause a lot of problems in kittens and you really should take them to the vets to have them dewormed. Is it possible your vet would take either a post-dated check or a payment plan? Worms can debilitate a kitten quickly, causing anemia and other problems.

I deleted your second post about this problem as it was just a duplicate of this one.

Another alternative would be if there were some way you could weigh the kittens and call around to other vets for worming medicine at a reduced price. I can just call my vet, but then I do rescue, and I am saved the price of taking the cats in and just go and pick up the medicine they need. Good luck
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Yes, You need to take them as well as the mom to the vet! The over the counter dewormers don't work on all types of worms, plus when you're dealing with kittens, you can overdoes them which is bad, or underdose them, in which case you might as well not have tried at all. Alot of people don't realize that it is very common for kittens and moms to have worms simply because of the pregnancy....

Please do take them to the vet!!!!!!!!! It will only get worse in all concerned, and in kittens if it gets bad enough it can kill them.

Keep us posted.... K?

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Where did you get these kittens? Do you have the mother or did you pick them up from the street, get them from a shelter? Have they ever been to a vet?

If you need financial assistance to care for the cats, contact your local humane, rescue or animal welfare agency to see if they can provide assistance. Worming is only the beginning of many expenses that these kittens will cost you. Where you prepared to be a pet owner when you acquired these kittens? They will need vac's, spaying/neutering and at some point other medical treatment.

Your kittens deserve the best medical care possible so please do your best to see that they receive it and don't try to cut corners on matters that require professional help.

Good luck and let us know how things turn out.
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