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Sunday 7th May: Daily Thread

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Morning everyone!

I don't have an incredible amount to do today, so am going to play it by ear! Off to do the weekly shop in a little while and if the weather stays fine, I'll probably get a couple of bits planted up!

Hope you're having a good weekend so far!
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Morning! It's quite overcast here today even though it rained last night

I watched t.v. until the early hours this morning and the birds were tweeting when i went to bed

Gil woke me with a text to say he'd just got in from work so i got up and made breakfast. The rest of the day will be an lazy one with a stack of ironing to do later on from yesterday.
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Hi everyone Just popping in as I have so much to do...
Yesterday went ok, the funeral service was just so sad but we went to a restaurant after where there was a buffet and there was a fantastic turnout so that was good. Then we went back to the house and chilled, then went out for a meal at night with Mark's parents then came home and passed out.
Mark had haddock for his tea and ended up throwing up all night so I am whacked. He's phoned in sick to work.
Today is just cleaning and paper work etc. I've got a new mobile which I haven't even turned on yet, so need to transfer numbers etc onto that.
Hope everybody has a great and lazy day
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I'm pleased the funeral went well Lauren Sorry to hear Marks sick though, i hate stomach upsets
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Yeah, I'm pleased there was a good turnout for the service!

Yuck, that's terrible about Mark being ill - I hope he's feeling better soon!

Susan, what are you like staying up 'til all hours! I hope you enjoyed your film!
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I did, but then i started flicking because i have cable and theres always something to watch, so there was a biography on George Michael, then the Spice girls and they were really interesting
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That's the problem with having so many channels, isn't it - always something on !! I don't think I've seen the George Michael one!

Glad you had a good night though!

Having written up my shopping list, I've decided that it would be a pointless exercise as I hardly need anything!

So I've decided to take a trip to Brookside Garden Centre Should be a fun day - maybe I'll even go on the miniature train if the weather permits!
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I love garden centres, and that one looks great Sarah!.

btw i "think" i found a tray for their litter?. It's not an instore we have but a home bargains store. They didn't have any but then i popped in at Wilkinsons and saw another storage box on wheels and it looks perfect.

I couldn't carry it because i had other shopping, but when Gil comes for the summer holidays we'll get it then. If you get a chance to see one have a look and tell me what you think?.
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Garden Centres are great aren't they - plus this one seems massive! I think I went for the train rides when I was little!

Oh that's brilliant that you found one, Susan! I'll take a look at the ones in Wilkinsons during the week and let you know!
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I'm sorry to hear that Mark is feeling ill Lauren

I have alot of work ahead of me today. My test is tomorrow at 9am I'm not nervous...yet, I'm sure I will be tonight!

Hope everyone has a great day!
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I hope Mark feels better soon, Lauren.
I'm being lazy today. It's warm and sunny, so I took Jamie for a few rounds in the backyard, cooked lunch, and then came here. I just bought two cat books, one of which I posted about in Behavior, and I'm going to read the second one this afternoon.
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I am waiting for my BF to get home from work so we can go out and do something
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I'm sorry Mark isn't feeling well Lauren. ( We should dig up Stephanie's old thread on inappropriate smiles, because I accidentally had a big, happy smile next to that. )

Sarah, that garden place looks great. I went to our local one for the third day in a row yesterday. It just always puts me in a good mood. I did tell them to throw me out if they saw me there again this week. However, think of more that I need. I still have to take a pic of one of the gorgeous hangers I bought. I weeded and spread a little bit of mulch yesterday. It was barely a dent in the huge pile though. I will probably do a bit more of the same today.

We feel like grilling something this afternoon, and nothing is thawed, so soon I will be making a quick trip to the grocery store.

We went to a friend's last night for a bit. Aaron has work he needs to do today, so I don't think he will be doing much around here.

Enough of my babbling I hope you all have a great day!
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Wow! Hope Mark feels better!

I'm currently going through Craigs List finding someone to mow our lawn. We got one that was free, but of course it doesn't work and after a week its still sitting in the garage, unfixed!!! yea, I'm a little irritated on that.

Otherwise I don't know what the cats did last night, but when I woke up they were all fast asleep and are still sleeping in!

Oh and since going to the vet yesterday, Luna's been extra lovey. she hasn't beent that lovey since we got Whitey!
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I'm gonna lay low and take it easy today! I had an incredibly busy weekend and I'm tired!
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